4670k integrated graphics question

Just wondering whether or not the integrated graphics in the 4670k can play League of Legends. might be a stupid question because league isn't really intensive at but, i'm making a new computer and i have everything but the graphics card so i want to know if i'll atleast be able to play that while i save up for my graphics card. 

thanks for reading!

It will play it fine.

Intel HD4600 is actually pretty good. No where near a real gaming grade gpu, but for less intensive games like LoL, it will do just fine. If all that you are playing is LoL, you might not even need to get a dedicated graphics card. That is up to you and how satisfied you are with its performance.


Just be sure that if you are goign to get a gpu a little bit later to wait for the 9xxx series gpus from AMD. They should be coming out some point in October or around then.