$4500 Build Complete!

Finally got around to making a post about this! Thanks to many people who helped me out on this forum, you are part of the reason this is such an awesome build! Check it out, guys.



Awesome build.

What I find hilarious, though, is that i have an extremely similar build that I update frequently in my PCPartPicker library simply called "The Dream." It's uncanny how similar yet different this is from your build http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/1Nfgc 

I simply cannot comprehend why you pick that CPU. On the other hand, that looks damn nice.

you should post up some pictures

Holy shit those SSDs are expensive! But wow, that is quite similar indeed! I can assure you the monitors are VERY nice. Hope you get to build it one day =D


There are pictures, just scroll up!

I picked the CPU because I'm not only using this for gaming but rendering as well. I love it for it's rendering speeds. My old laptop took about 5 hours or so to render a 15 minute video, this CPU takes less than 1 hour.

Oh its on the pc partpicker link.  Looks like a great high end setup make sure you look up Lightboost and really take advantage of those monitors its probably the best feature they have.

The amount of taxes you paid for your computer...

Is more than what I paid for my whole computer.

Damn.  Nice build, though.

I have a similar build too:

/--/Intel i7 4770k 4.8GHz

/--/16GB Kingston HyperX Beast 2133MHz

/--/2 x ASUS GTX 780 DirectCU II 1,075/7,608MHz

/--/ 2 x 2 TB WD Red RAID 1

/--/2 x Corsair 128GB Force Series GS SSD (Retired for a while, maybe I am going to format them and raid 0 them)

/--/1TB Samsung 840 EVO Series SSD 

/--/ASUS Maximus Formula VI

--/ASUS Phoebus

/--/Corsair AX1200i 1200W

/--/Corsair H100i

/--/Corsair C70 Gunmetal Black

/--/Corsair Air Series 7 x 120mm 2350rpm (2 x 2 Push Pull Front, 2 x h100i, 1 x Back)


NIce, clean build and looks great.  Congrats!  Can't wait until I can build my "Dream PC."  I'm about a third of the way there with my current build, but overall, I'm happy with the performance.

I'll look into this, thanks!

xD Pretty sad, huh? Thanks, glad you like it!

Nice! Sounds like a solid build.

Yeah this was definitely a long time coming. Hope it lasts a long time! We shall see when I what I upgrade over time. Hope you can get yours soon!

Hooray HST!