$450 Gaming PC

I already have an HDD so that wont be an issue.

I do need a mouse, keyboard, and Wifi adapter.

I live near a microcenter so I can get $40 off a mobo http://www.microcenter.com/site/products/amd_bundles.aspx

Here is what i've come up with http://pcpartpicker.com/p/10iW3

Is this good?

What would you do?

Any help is appreciated.


If you don't plan on any overclocking, a quality 430w PSU should be sufficient, otherwise, if you can a find a 500w for cheaper, go with that.

I also would avoid using USB WiFi adapters. internal ones are almost alwasy better.

I was going to upgrade to an AMD 8950 when it comes out, so is 550 watts okay?

What internal wifi adapter would you suggest?

Does the wise brennanriddel have any input?

Why yes, I do. An 8950 will probably be fine on a 430W PSU, although that is based purely off of the power consumption trend I have seen. I'd invest in a nicer PSU, however; OCZ makes some great stuff, but the ZT series isn't the greatest, by any means. I'd look into the Rosewill Capstone series. The Capstone M series is simply a semi-modular series of the exact same PSU; if you can afford the Capstone M, it is a great choice, but otherwise, unnecessary.

I'd drop the optical drive and invest in a better PSU, if I were you. Unless you really need an OD, it is wasted money.

Thanks. So everything looks good cpu, mobo, gpu, and case wise?

I need the optical drive for my old pc games I played when I was younger, for old times sake you know?

Yeah, the 6300 is a great CPU for the price, and the M5A97 is a solid board. The 7770gHz isn't stellar, but it'll do.

Sounds good.