4350 vs 6300

4 vs 6 core ☺  not much more to say haha.  just pickup the FX6300 ☺ less power consumpion, and  2 more cores.

grtz Angel ☺

FX6300 is better for sure! It's about the same performance as the i3 3220, a little better. The 4350 is pretty much annihilated by the i3. With lower end GPUs (like the HD6850), the difference is about 1~2 FPS. But with a higher end GPU (GTX 670, HD7950), the difference between the 4300 and the i3 gets up to about 14 FPS in skyrim. I don't expect the 4350 to be a lot better.

the FX6300 is  ""by the way"" better then the i3, it kills it.

grtz Angel ☺

this is what the i3 competes with ( a 5 year old 4 core) 


Both of those chips are better than a i3 

hmm... When I googled those two chips everyone said the i3 was a lot better (for gaming at least).

My source for my previous post was this video:



Duncan33303 does make good videos and his information is accurate.

I'd recommend the FX-6350. It's 10-15% faster than the FX-6300 and costs roughly the same. 

Also my comment was purely focussed on gaming, not on streaming, rendering and other file tests :)

But yes, I'd recommend the FX6300 above the i3 3220. I'm actually quite an AMD fan.

It will be depending on the games your playing the i3 is better and single core operations but is still a dual core chip with HT.

More and more games are now going to be useing 4+cores the i3 may be better at older games the FX better at newer games (but i still say stay away from the FX4xx chips the older phenom chips still blow them away)

FX6300 or FX8320 is what i'd pick (the 8320 is on sale a lot)

I am not convinced the FX 6350 is worth the 125w TDP over the FX6300 95w TDP for in ecence a overclocked chip that turbos to the same speed 

fx 6350 (turbo 4200 MHz)   fx6300 (turbo 4100 MHz) i just dont think thats a good trade off.

This is what happens when you have new games optimised for more cores 




Those benchmark results will vary. In that test, they used a GTX Titan (Geforce GK110) in all those tests. Some games will run better with an AMD GPU over a Nvidia GPU and the CPU results will also change.

Plus, lots of games these days aren't taking advantage of more than 4 cores. Crysis 3 and a few other games are the only exeptions.

Plus, not everyone is going to play extremely demanding games. 

+1 If you do not need extra cores for anything and just plan to play games, a 4350 is all you need. But, for $20 more why not go with 6 cores, which will increase performance quite nicely. Though with the new 6350 I would try to grab that instead of a 6300.

True enough, but you also have to consider the games coming up in the future. Since the PS4 will be using an 8 core (by AMD no less) it isn't unreasonable to think that having more than 4 cores will grant a larger benefit for games ported from the next gen consoles.