$4200 to spend on PC Upgrades/Setup, any ideas?

So i unexpectedly got $4200 CAD from gambling not sure if i should mention that here but pretty much was having fun and i got an unexpected jackpot and now here i am looking to spend my winnings on some new PC/Setup upgrades to help me get my day job done faster and more comfortable, my current setup consists of the following:

CPU: Xeon Gold 6230
RAM: 128GB DDR4 2933
Monitor: Dell UP3218K / Samsung G5 34" UW
Mouse: MX Master 3s / Logitech g502
Chair: some cheapo office depot one that i use 25% of the time as i have a standing desk and prefer to stand
Sound: Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless / Airpods Pro

any ideas of what i should upgrade for my ML/Video Editing rig or if i should just do a complete overhaul and rebuild the rig from the ground up, bear in mind this is CAD not USD so $4200 isnt all too much for a new editing/ML rig

I would save it, and add to it so I could build a workstation base on EYPIC zen 2. I am currently saving my money to do the same.

Still buy a good chair 100% good investment, as for machine I would not change anything, it looks like decent machine for next few years. Maybe buy fast ssd (refresh your OS) and add some fast storage for to work on.

For spending money on good stuff I suggest buying good mattress, electric bidet seat and chair (car seat too). Never cheap out on those it’s 90% of your life.


Buy a better chair.

The rest of it seems like a waste of money to upgrade anything. If you absolutely must upgrade something, a switch to a 5950x might be an option, but it’ll limit you on memory lanes.

I think threadripper might also be in the books, but that’ll really dig into your budget. It’ll get you tons of extra CPU grunt though.


What is your CPU / RAM / GPU usage like? How long are you tasks taking, and how much faster do you want them to run? Do you know what part is currently your bottleneck?

If you’re really keen on upgrading you’ll want to wait at least a month or two for the new CPUs and GPUs (maybe Q1 23 depending on when Zen 4 X3D CPUs launch).

Save it until 4000 series GPU and upgrade from that ancient Titan V.

One bottomless pit that you haven’t mentioned is custom mechanical keyboards. It is surprising quite how much money you can spend on getting that perfect combination of layout, switches and keycaps! :slight_smile:

Seriously though lol, if this is a home office setup and your objective is to make your job less awful, I’d put a lot of that money into getting a chair that doesn’t suck and upgrading peripherals that you use on a regular basis. Need a mechanical keyboard? Better headphones and a desk mic?

I would imagine ML leans heavily on the Titan V, I’d consider putting a 3090/3090Ti in there if you think it’s something your workload would benefit from… that’s definitely the weakest part IMO. I wouldn’t bother replacing a $2000 Cascade Lake Xeon & platform right now until at least Zen4 launches.


Going to be boring here - If you spend more than 4 hours at your desk, get a better chair. Also consider getting an extra screen if there is still room for it.

For the rest of the money, I would save it until the beginning of next year and then go with an EPYC. Here is the thing though, is there anything you feel your current 20 core 40 threads workstation with 128 GB of RAM is lacking? What doesn’t it allow you to do?

I would save the money towards a set of solar panels, an EV, a house battery (like a Tesla Powerwall) or a new boiler. You don’t really need more juice in your system right now.

Of course, if you just want to brag for braginess sake there is always the 128 core EPYC Bergamo coming out next year… But, your budget probably can only afford you a 32 core Threadripper or Xeon.

OOOOOooorr… You could invest the money in a few gaming PCs for the kids. A 6700 XT is a really awesome deal capable of some 4k gaming right now, buy three of those + 5900X + B550 Aorus Master + whatever else, and your kids will love ya for it. Only $1500 per PC. :slight_smile:


If we’re getting into that sort of thing, stocks are on sale right now. :sweat_smile:

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Race car chairs are god awful for you


A new chair would be nice! Seen quite a few Mira 2 chairs on the cheapish used, my current mic is a sm7b and got a mx master 3s what i love!

Would love an extra screen but its either going to have to be a 34" Ultrawide to match my current one or another Dell 8K display whats too pricey, as i got my current one for $600 used

Current 20 core is nice, would like a faster IPC CPU tho but all i really do on this is web browse, write documents, and then video edit and the odd ML video upscale videos for my clients, I don’t have kids, but do have a GF who wants to get into gaming and is currently using my old i9 7900X + 1070Ti so a new PC For her to join me with games would be nice

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I would spend the money on the GF then with a 5900X or 6900X come Q1 this year, trust me, playing online together can be awesome. I do recommend investing in some Couch-CoOp games like It Takes Two, Overcooked, Moving Out! et cetera though. :slight_smile:

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If you’re planning couch gaming get an Xbox or ps5 or switch (or all three) to play with the gf. :joy:

had a ps5 since launch and honestly havent touched it since the first week, cant find any damn games i wanna play, seems the day of old when theres alot of exclusives and great content has ran out


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