42" 4k monitor/tv for gaming

Going to put a TV in my bedroom so I can play xbox while the wife watches her shows in the living room so I’m looking for a good monitor or tv to put in there. I’m thinking around 42" should be the perfect size for our bedroom so I"m looking for something around that size.

I’m looking around but that seems to be the size just outside of a good gaming monitor, and just before good gaming tvs.

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Wasabi Mango that wendell reviewed a while ago.

Or the LG 40’’ monitor, can’t remember the model, supposedly has acceptable latency too.

Not sure which of them are any good though.

I’ve been waiting for that LG monitor to get back in stock to use for work for weeks but for some reason it keeps selling out. I’ll need to see if it’ll work for gaming… IIRC the refresh rate was like 15ms which is less than ideal.

Best bang for the buck:


Use this site for suggestions that fit your expectations and use requirements for TVs.

If space and budget allows, I would recommend a 50" or +.


Thanks for the suggestion. I went ahead and bought that tv… since it’ll mainly be for Xbox I didn’t need anything crazy.

Xbox one x is back ordered on Amazon though…

I dont follow consoles much but considering both sony and xbox are on AMD graphics is freesync going to be a thing on TV’s ?

I would not mind a HDR / freesync TV to run on my PC.

LG 43UD79-B , is the way to go IMO (I rock one and will till there is a faster refresh version)


Not implemented on those custom chips as far as I know. Maybe it’ll be a thing one day…

Apparently variable refresh rate is in the HDMI 2.1 spec at least. If and when it’ll be coming to consoles we’ll see.

Console games have capped and are optimized for specific FPS anyway. Since the hardware is the same everywhere (obviously) they don’t really need to worry about varying refresh rates all that much.

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Ditto on this. The LG is basically a TV without the smart WebOS stuff causing more input lag. I want to see Level1 review this. Hardware Canucks already gave it a favorable review.

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They did the Dell version pretty much same shit