403 forbidden when replying to topic

I'm pretty sure this is not an error with my pc, because I tried to post on Chromium and Firefox with no success. I'm trying to post to This Thread, but something's preventing me from being able to post.

If there's anything I can do to help debug this, let me know!

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Quite odd, have you tried clearing all cookies and logging out and logging back in?
I assume your replies will be in the main post.

I have. They were. I used the debugger to find out that it's CloudFlare that's blocking it. It's probably not liking my post.

ninja edit: AAAH. I found it. It's not liking my line talking about sshd config files. Apparently I'm setting something off by recommending allowing root login on ssh.

Really odd. I have never posted about that topic so I would not know. Perhaps windell integrated some sort of anti-spam or like you said, its setting off a flag that cloudfire is not liking.

Not 100% sure if it's CloudFlare or teksyndicate.com that's throwing the 403. It's definitely an interesting problem. I can see why it would throw an error, if malicious code can somehow get executed (depending on what language is backing the site, it's definitely possible) instead of parsed into HTML, it can definitely cause some issues.

There should be no reason for it to stop your posting about ssh or configs.

Well, I tried to post the exact line that I posted here. 403 again. here's a pastebin of the line that caused it.

Without including that line in both this comment, and the comment on the other thread, I was able to post. I'm not sure if it got confused about all the inline code marks or something, but that was how I solved the issue. I just linked to an external site about how to do it.

I did notice that. Good to know, but also frustrating, particularly for the Linux board. I'm surprised we haven't encountered this before.

@DeusQain @wendell @Logan this needs fixed.

lol that's neat. Do you have a screenshot of the error? It might be cloudflare but we have also gone into a higher level of paranoia after unwanted troublemakers have been snooping around. I already encountered some interesting page rejections when someone was trying to post some example javascript.

Related then maybe?

no, this is a content of post calling on a function resulting in 403 forbidden.

ask qain for details.

For what it's worth I had this error In a pm.. Had to remove the word shit to get rid of it

Its already been identified from talking to wendell, its not trying to actually run anything, just false positive detection of what it thinks was something bad. It needs tweaked.

Came across this too just now when posting and also thought of a internal intrusion detection measurement and changed my post accordingly. Hope it gets fixed or well.. at least a different error instead of 403 Forbidden is shown.

Had the same thing when explaining the uname command to a user (-a) was the source of my issues.

@wendell ping. More examples.

@anon54242466 I had the same issue just now. As long as the -a argument isn't followed directly after the uname command, you're good to go.