400$ Overhaul


after more then 5 years on my old AMD Athlon 5000+ it has finally came the time to upgrade.

 In those 5 years I have invested in PSU and graphics card so they are not needed. Also I am happy with my current storage. Therefore I need a new case, motherboard, processor and memory. I can spend about 400$ but some parts may not be avaiable here in Croatia. And as always, excuse my English. 


Current build idea:

Intel i5 3330

MSI B75A-G41

Corsair 2x4Gb Vengeance 1600MHz

ThermalTake v3 Black


Since my GPU is ATI 5670 I have thought maybe AMD a10 5800k isn't a bad option either.

So what are your thoughts on this? Please leave a comment and help me decide. :-) 


If this doesn't cut it too close:


If you want to OC now, you'll need a cooling fan, will cost an extra $20. Alternatively you could go for this for a bit cheaper:


Still a very solid performer, honestly, both of these CPUs will be bottlenecked by your GPU, you may want to consider going with the cheaper build and put that money towards  a new GPU in the future, something like a HD 7850/7870 



A decent upgrade. Don't know about the currency and prices there but I think you could do better. What are you using this for anyway? If your gonna be gaming that 5670 is gonna hold you back. I'd put something together right now( if you give me your preffered site) but I'm too tired as it's past midnight where I am. Sorry man. Just post the site and I'll try doing it tomorrow.


What about AMDs APUs? Maybe a build with 5800k could last me for a fer more years before I have to buy a new GPU.

Well, if you didn't already have a GPU then it would definately be something to consider, but since you already have one it would be somewhat wasteful. The FX6300 is a superior chip and only costs a bit more than 5800k. IMO if your want to save a bit of money for a GPU later down the line, this would be the way to go. The 5800K's IGP may be able to outperform your current GPU (really don't know, guessing by the number system the two use) but it still may end up being somewhat short lived... If you know your not going to have money to spend a new GPU anytime soon, then perhaps its worth a consideration, but I don't think the IGP would be that much of an improvement over your current GPU...

Just browse newegg, amazon and other us or international sites. I can get the components at roughly the same price because I have access to importer stores (shops buy from them).

I am mostly using PC for college. I edit photos in Lightroom and Photoshop, program and compile for mobile phones and play games from time to time. But graphic performance in games doesn't matter to me much.

Well... in that case, yes definately go for the FX6300, or the i5 if you can afford it.

screw sleep this shouldn't take long

this will be boss at your render/edit programs, games not so much with your 5670 but they'll probably run faster than your current rig for sure, still a GPU upgrade should be the next thing you work on

The cost of i5 2500K and i5 3570K is preety high here in Croatia and x6 6300 is still unavaiable. Therefore I have to choose between  i5 3330, i5 3470, i3 3240, x8 8120, x6 6200 and a10 5800k. So what should I get?

Sharkoon Tauron case has a big discount and is just 10 bucks more expensive then the CM you suggested so I will probably go with Sharkoon.

Hmm... The Sharkoon Tauron looks like a nice case, never heard of em before so I can't speak on the quality but they seem to have all the features you'd need.

When it comes to the CPU... hmm I dunno. I can't really recommend the Bulldozer chips for gaming, at the same time I can't really recommend a locked CPU either. Maybe you could find when the FX6300 will be available where you are and what they will cost. If you had to choose from what you listed, the gimped i5 would probably be your best bet, but I'd hold out for the 6300 if its not too far off. 

I won't put together anything anymore as giga gave you the right idea, and I would consider the 6300 if I was doing what you needed this for. Maybe you could ask someone here at the tek to buy and send the parts for you, it may cheapen up the cost.