[400] New budget build for a friend

Well then, a friend of mine asked me to compile a build for him, and since im not really well informed on the budget part of the PC parts, i come here for some sort of evaluation.  

The PC is going to be used for schoolwork, watching movies (1080p), maybe some light gaming and a lot of browsing the internet.

These are the parts i picked:

AMD A serie A10-5800K

ASRock FM2A75 Pro4-M

G.Skill ARES 2133 Mhz CL9 8gb's

WD Caviar Blue 500 gb

Corsair Builder Series CX430

Fractal Design Core 1000

Cooler Master Hyper TX 3 Evo

Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000

What do you think? Should i for the pentium and a 7770?



link to dutch website with the basket: http://azerty.nl/winkelmandje/winkelmandje/?legen=1&product%5B557801%5D=1&product%5B455749%5D=1&product%5B9934%5D=1&product%5B340428%5D=1&product%5B558947%5D=1&product%5B485031%5D=1&product%5B405099%5D=1&product%5B555971%5D=1

While the Pentium/7770 may provide better gaming performance now, my main issue is the lack of flexibility with the platform, as well as the expense of upgrading. On top of the FM2 platform having more flexibility (compatible with upcoming APU's) and inexpensive upgrades, the quad-core architecture is becoming a lot more relevant in gaming and it provides better multi-tasking ability.

I'm leaning more towards the A10 build myself, which looks good btw, but I'm not against the Intel build, as it would be a competitive alternative.

With the price of the CPU being the same as the FX-6300 which is on the AM3+ platform I was wondering why you want to go with the FM2 platform? I am only thinking that in the future the AM3+ CPU will be more prevalent in boards later on. The motherboard looks very nice and feature loaded for the price. I would look at the 6300 and see if there is a motherboard with the AM3+ socket that has the kind of features your ASRock has. I just think you will have more flexibility later on. Having 8MB of L3 cache is very helpful for the CPU. This link shows a 10 dollar price difference but I know you can get the FX-6300 for the same price. What do you think?



While this might be a great alternative, i would need a dedicated graphics card wouldnt i? I dont see an APU mentioned anywhere. However, i have taken your advice in serious consideration and compiled this:

FX 6300


Fractal Design Core 1000

Corsair CX430

Corsair value select 1333 mhz 8gb

WD blue 500gb

Sapphire RADEON HD 7770 OC



It is however, a lot more expensive.

But, would it be possible to just leave the graphics card out and perhaps add it later while still having the ability to fluently watch 1080p movies and play GTA San Andreas and some online flash games?

no that wouldnt work the radeon 7770 requires at least a 450 watt powersupply so make sure u get at least 500 watts

Dont listen to any of these suggestions; I believe your flagship APU build to be far superior for its price range with the components included.

Thats exactly what i thought. I already ordered it, for such a low cost build i dont think upgrades are even going to be viable.

  I have no problem being wrong with what I have suggested. I gave the reasons why I made my suggestions. Can you tell us why you feel his original idea is better?

  Hey, First off I see you are dealing in Euros and that makes a huge difference in availability and cost. The separate use of a graphics card takes such a load off the CPU is part of the reasoning behind my suggestion. It is true you are looking at a higher wattage PSU if you go for a HD 7770 however I am running a HD 6450 in an AMD 64 X 3 systems I have. It is 1 GB of DDR3 that nicely handles all the graphics allowing fewer loads on the CPU. This card only has a 400W power supply requirement. I have included the link to Sapphire’s site so you can see what I am talking about. My goal when I put something out there such as my comment to you is not to change your mind as such, but to offer you something perhaps you have not thought of. Which ever way you go, enjoy you build and have fun.



Well th reason i ordered it, is because i still want to have some graphical performance while retaining a low price, the FX 6300 relies on external graphics, which is less than ideal. Im pretty sure the APU 6650 will perform a lot better than AMD HD700 onboard graphics. And i might even crossfire it in the future.

If i had a little more money available i wouldve picked the FX 6300, but the money is just not availaable, and wont be for as long time. 

  Your logic in undeniable sir so let us know how the build goes. I always like to hear how the new system is working after having talked about it on the forum. Have fun and enjoy your new computer!

I will, and thanks, its always great to hear multiple inputs!