400$ Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset Budget

I have a small 400$ Budget for a new gaming mouse and keyboard

What do you guys recommend

I am looking at the G9 and G19 combo but i am not convinced they are the best on the market

Please Post Pictures and specs ect


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i recomend spending only 200 dollars and giving 200 dollars to ur best friend

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$400 is a lot for a keyboard and mouse?

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$400 is a crazy amount to waste on a keyboard and mouse.

ok, 1st, u DONT need a g19.... theres no point... the g15 is the same thing just the g19 has a better screen that can display youtube... POINTLESS! y do u want to watch youtube on your keyboard?

the g15 can still display every bit of data the g19 can, just in text instead of graphics (witch is less detracting) not to mention the g15 is $100 less.

also w8 to get the G500 mouse.... way better then any current one imo. have the G5 now and im going to pre-order the g500 tomorrow :D

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823114006 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823175006

if you want to spend that budget you could get a g19 and razer mamba but ztrain is right it isnt worth the money.

Get a G19 and a Death Adder.



I say get a crappy old Keyboard from the garage.. a REALLY old Serial MS intellimouse.. and send me all the money you saved.

hey why not just get a mamba combo and send me the change?

Dude right now i am using a 2$ sweex mouse, and a dell quite-key keyboard from the 80s

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The following items in this picture:

-Razer Mamba ($130)
-Razer Destructor ($40)
-Razer Deathadder ($50)
-Razer Lycosa ($70)
-Razer Barracuda ($130)
-Belkin n52te ($70)
-Koss QZ-99 ($60)
-Logitech Rockband Microphone

If you don't have the previously mentioned on your desktop right now, you are a shitty.

damn rice yo rig is staxed wit shit

im usually the guy that says gaming gear and shit is a waste but wow :)

Nice crib yo.
Now all you need is a black shiny table :D. Getting dat soon, will be aweeeeeeeeeeesome

Agreed A Black desk is the perfect compliment to that RAZER and SONY PS3 awesomeness.

i'd recommend for the keyboard&mouse

logitech g15 and razer deathadder (most people don't need the extra features of the mamba anyway).

and for the sounds, either

A. get a steelseries headset that already includes a clip-on microphone.

B. or go Audio technica ATH700 + a high end microphone (maybe one made by Shure?)

i'm not sure if my suggestions would go over 400$. (the ATH700 and Shure mic hella expensiv)