400 for a laptop

looking for a laptop. my price range is 400$ the laptop is for everyday use.

Any gaming?

Performance or Battery life?


some not a lot of gaming
good performance
decent battery life
us as in united states yes

Probably the best option
i5 + 940M + 1080p screen

Iffy build quality, probably average battery life

APUs aren't too bad a choice CPU/GPU wise, but it's hard to find a reasonably priced AMD laptop with a decent display, you'd have to live with a 768p TN display

APU option, A10 7300 + 240m thinkpad

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Literally as good as it's gonna get at that price range.

do you think its going to be cheaper on cyber Monday?

No clue, but there's no black friday deal for it, so I doubt there would be one for cyber monday

Highly doubt it, you'll be lucky if it isn't sold out by then. It's typically 500 every time i see it.

its is on sale it was 599 but now its 429

and thanks for helping me out

I think that's near it's normal price, but ya, just read the reviews, kinda gotta make sacrifices to get performance

Whatever laptop you get budget for an SSD swap out as the HDDs in basic laptops are abysmal!

I refuse to service any HDD based laptops now as I value my time too much :)

Unless you were willing to pay for a 480gb SSD it's probably not worth swapping out the hard drive

so how much better would i get if the budget was 500 $

I can't imagine finding much better than that as is, maybe get an SSD in the system, of course do you really need a laptop?