£400 Budget gaming build

A friend of my brother is looking to get a PC for gaming, very tight budget but I said I'd see what I can do.

Needs the tower (Doesn't have to be very pretty, function over form), keyboard and a mouse. And must be capable of playing BF3 smoothly at mid-high settings. Seeing as how the games are far cheaper on a PC I'd say that he could go as high as £450.

Also, what integrated GPU's do AMD CPU's come with? I don't fully understand AMD CPU and GPU's yet.

If it is at all possible then, seeing as my PC is far and beyond this one, I'd like to vertualise it within my PC to do some benchmarks of my own, for free.

EDIT: Needs win 7 OS.


Here's an example of a build that I saw earlier plus a graphics card.

The A10-5800k proccessor shown there is one of the highest quality examples of a CPU with integrated GPU. Generally speaking This means that this CPU can play games without a need for a GPU. Thus it's deemed an APU (accelerated processing unit) by whomever designed it. 

There's something special about this certain APU. It has the ability to CrossFire with another GPU. Crossfire is usually when 2 discrete graphics cards are used on the same system to get a better performance such as increasing Graphics, FPS, etc. 

This APU is pretty strong by itself for cheap with the examples shown below.

What this means is that the integrated GPU on the system can crossfire with a low-end graphics card to achieve the performance of a mid-high end computer with a discrete CPU and GPU. 

The biggest part of this build is the A10-5800k + Radeon 6670K. The other parts are pretty standard. 


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ5hhGrOKAk - BF3 Medium/High + Fraps (APU + GPU)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuzFaEQVSf8 - BF3 High + Fraps (APU with no discrete graphics card)


This is an example build. I haven't used an APU so I don't know what the best CrossFire combinations are.


AMD is planning on releasing a new APU soon called the Kabini

The APU fits into an AM2 design. If your friend decides to upgrade, he'll need to buy both a CPU and a MotherBoard... and a GPU.

The price of this is $450 US which is $200 cheaper when converted. This means that your friend can get a much stronger graphics card and when he does upgrade he'll have a very strong GPU waiting to be of use... or he can just save up for the upcoming GPUs... and that APU.

Thanks for the reply KracieKev, sadly when I replicated that PC on the UK version of PC part picker, it was quite abit over budget, but I changed a few things around and managed to come up with this: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/DFUN

I'm not sure if it'll all work just yet, any able to confirm that?

If you look just above the components title, you'll notice a some text to see if the build is compatible with eachother or not. As of right now, the parts are all compatable and should work with eachother.

You can also reduce the storage to 500 GB to save a bit of money.

There's also the memory, those sticks are 1866. You can lower them down to 1600 which are pretty good for gaming too.

Then there's also the A8 to cut off a bit more. 




The performance is still pretty good