£400 budget for monitor, colour accurate

Hey, I am looking for a monitor to replace a benq XL2410T. I currently have to test print my artwork about 30 times to guess my way to a decent finished piece.

At a big stretch i have around £400 and I am looking to buy at the end of march. (might be relevant to new releases)

I only Have room for one monitor In my studio so if possible something that wont be horrendous for gaming as well... I understand its a bit of a push. But I am used to 120hz. I play the occasional bit of TF2 competitively and a few other games when i have the time so it would be nice to have something a bit higher than 60hz if possible. However i am willing to compromise the gaming side of things but not the other way around. 

I would be grateful for a bit of a hand in picking something out. I have watched every monitor review going but to be honest my tech knowledge only goes as for as throwing together a gaming PC and while something might get a great review i still dont know if that is the right monitor for the job. And I would prefer a recommendation for my specific usage as i don't really know what to look for. and i don't know how to tell if a particular IPS panel has better colour reproduction than another etc.