$400 Birthday PC build

Hi guys! (and girls) My birthday is very near and i have been wanting to build this rig for quite some time now. I have 2 HDD's already and a solid PSU. I was hoping to find the rest (Mobo,RAM,CPU, etc...) for around $400. I have another $50 to play with if it makes that much of a difference. Any help would be AWESOME!






What PSU do you have?

Also, what is the PC for?

The PSU is a corsair builder 500w. The PC will be for School and productivity but some gaming on the side, thanks for replying!


Here is one rig to consider.

Gaming being Minecraft, maybe some borderlands 2 and ghosts when it comes out

Well if you want things nice and simple just get an A10 Richland APU rig, only thing else you really need to worry about is the speed of the RAM. 1866mhz or better is your best bet.