40 USD Mechanical Keyboard O:

Apparently the keys are like Cherry MX Blues


Awesome. Unfortunately it's not nearly at $40 in Europe. I found it at £70 (~$100) on amazon UK and €80 (~$90) on amazon DE, both without shipping. With that price difference it may be worth it to just order from the US and see if it's cheaper even with taxes and shipping to your country. (Oh, and yeah, the fucking layouts are different in the UK and DE. Get ready for the QWERTZ keyboard if you order from DE)


Some nice keyboards here too.

The price drop for the G710 on Amazon.de is insane right now.

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Hopefully we will see this in Canada for $50 or so soon.

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There you go... 34$ Kailh switches...

I got my current Adesso AKB-625 for $42. Kailh blues. Similar but not the same as Cherry Blues IMO.

Bought the cheapest Pbt keycap set I could find and it's been an amazing tenkeyless keyboard.

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I bought a GranVela X05 with Cherry MX Black switches for my fiancee recently for £40 (~$59) and I must say, it's been exceptional for the money.
She didn't want a number pad to save on desk space, which is what drew me to that one in the first place; most keyboard, particularly mechanical, had number pads (which I, personally, am a fan of). She also didn't need a wrist rest (I always need a wrist rest).
In the box comes one spare black, one red, one blue and one brown Cherry MX switch modules and a key puller. With the key puller you can pull the key cap off and pull out the switch module altogether and replace it with one of the spare switch modules. That was quite a nice novelty and allows you to properly try out each of the switch types.
The keyboard comes with no software but with specific key combinations using the function key you can change the LED backlight lighting modes, light intensity and the keyboard's response rate. The backlight modes change between full backlight, pulsing, rippling (where you press one key and the others ripple), dim on key press (all other keys are lit) and light on key press (all other keys are unlit). Again, a novelty but a nice feature on a cheaper keyboard.
The keyboard build itself seems pretty solid; I haven't found anything that feels "cheap" and the keys press like any other mechanical keyboard that I've tried.
All in all, I've been really impressed with that keyboard and she's happy with it so all good.

When I purchased the keyboard there was a choice between black, brown and (I think) blue. The black switchea suited her because she's fairly heavy-handed due to lack of touch typing (and it was the cheapest). They still sell brown and black switches on Amazon UK - I'm not sure what became of the other flavour.

They must be using some really cheap plastic to get the price that low. Or they got a real good deal on those Cherry's. I had no idea that Cherry's were so expensive to buy, even in lots of 1,000. On Mouser, Cherry Blues are .64 a piece if you order 1,000. They of course probably went straight to Cherry tho. But still the price should still be around .60 cents a piece.

But with mechanical keyboards being this cheap, imagine buying a computer that includes a mechanical keyboard out of the box instead of a cheap membrane.

No. I rather have my membrane. 40$ is a difference between SSD and no SSD. 40$ is a difference between quad-core and 6 core, no matter the brand. 60 and 75Hz 1080p monitor. 40$ can change quite a lot of things. I got my fairly high end membrane for 17$. The rest of those 40 I spent on a mouse, mousepad, and I still had 12$ left...