40" 4kTV vs 34" 3440x1440p ultrawide as monitor for gaming / general desktop

My fellow Teknicians, I require your guidance / advise.

Just a little header my rig is dual EVGA 980 ACX2.0 4GB cards, 32GB ram and FX8350 so I believe it will be capable of pushing 4k gaming.

My dilemma is I'm caught between getting a 3440x1440p either

http://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-34UC97-S-ultrawide-monitor or maybe the

the problem is that one of the chain shops here in ireland has decided to start selling these 40" 4k TV's at 400€ less than the ultrawides

I had orginally built the PC to push 4k onto a big screen, (but given their price and a recent move to a mid sized apartment) I shelved the idea in favour for a 34" ultrawide, but this sale has brought the 4k TV screaming back into the fight....


I'm pretty sure that's an IPS screen.

I think all the LG 4K's are IPS.

I use the next model up from that (50").

That model is available in the UK for 400 GBP which I work out @ 565 Euro.

I personally feel the LG 40 inch and 50 inch are really good value, considering they are IPS. Input lag is about 50 ms (rated at 44ms) on mine. Monitors are around 40 ms so the difference is not noticeable. The 1 ms input lag rating are like 0-60 ratings you see for sports cars.... made up.

You will need HDMI 2.0 on your GPU.

The picture is super crisp and clear. The Colour can be very full on, so you have to tone it down. I use the TV apps to watch Netflix and Prime in 4K... Unfortunately it isn't support on PC yet.

Thanks for the reply, nice to get info from someone using a similar product, on the LTT forum everyone is screaming the ultrawides but only one person is using them. The markup is alot more over here, that one I link is the cheapest 4k in Ireland I can find and its 599.99€ so a 50" is gonna be north of that price. Also the 40" size is kinda the max I can get given the small size of the new apartment (and its been deemed acceptable by the other half!).

Do you game on yours??

HDMI2.0 on the GTX980's so should be able to run @ 60Hz depending on the settings.

The wider field of view of the ultrawides does seem appealing to me but I'm sure the 4k panel will just look so much more crisp ; decisions, decisions.

I used the LG Ultrawide - the Free Sync one- but I didn't like it. It feels squashed to me, because its basically two 1080p monitors horizontal, where as the 4K is 4 stacked 2X2.

The LG 4K TVs are pretty good. You actually need a decent HDMI cable though... for once its not BS. You can tell because the screen flickers if you plug in a bad cable.

I use a 980 Ti @ 4K. I think this is the minimum GPU that will get anywhere near 60 FPS on most games. I'm at 1544/4000 and getting 60 FPS is still punishing. You don't need AA etc so that's good. I'm not sure how the 980 does @ 4K.

The big LG panels are IPS anyway, so its basically a high end 4K monitor. If you turn on Gamer mode, it turns off alot of the processing (TV side) so the lag goes away. To be honest, I can't tell input lag...

You also get UHD TV from Amazon and Netflix which isn't available on PC yet. That's the big selling point to me.

Aye, I wish I'd have held out for the 980ti I bet that 6GB frame buffer helps alot, but I'm hoping the dual 980's are up to it and lack of AA is what I'm banking on! (Also if DX12 does what the rumours claim and use all cards Vram, everyone will suddenly be swimming in Vram!)

I'm not playing anything too cutting edge in terms of games, alien isolation and outlast are the newest games I have dont have battlefields, the CODs or assassins creeds (yet).

The reviews of the 40" I've seen are saying its using a VA panel not an IPS,

far as I know though it just lessens the effective viewing angles and deepens the blacks?

I am really leaning towards this TV.. for the money difference would make up a chunk of a 3rd 980 which would really chuck out the 4k! :P

I would personally take 4k over an ultra wide and i have a pretty good reason for it, imo. You are paying for pixels, so you should get more. Right now, basically all ultrawide monitors can be fit into a 4k screen on a pixel per pixel basis. So if you have it set to black bar the top and bottom of a 4k screen, you are getting the same resolution as the ultra wides, or higher in many cases. But when using it for typical stuff, you can still have the 16:9 and the full 4k support. People on LTT tend to just parrot back the things that Linus says the same way that people here parrot Logan (and Wendell). Considering that Linus has a very strong opinion about it, it doesn't surprise me that the people over there also have very strong opinions about it, even if they have never used one. That said, neither have I. That is why my opinion is based on theoretics and not usage. But anyway, there are a lot of pros and cons, and you know best what will suit you in your personal situation, so pick whichever seems to fit your needs the best. Informed decisions are the best decisions.

You know I hadn't even though of setting the 4k monitor to 3440x1440 to get that 21:9 ratio...


This is why I like posting to forums you get little gems (of obviousness) like that one.

Thank you kind sir, I'll let you know which one I pick and how I get on with it in the future!