40" 4K monitor under £600

i am sure there are some of you out there that may be interested in this. 

-40" VA panel (3ms GtG)

-60hz (via DisplayPort)

-7W stereo speakers

I, personally, have no current interest in 4K for a computer monitor. when i buy 4K, it will not be for games, it will be for movies. HOPEFULLY we will see some decent, low cost 4K tv's that can reproduce 24p. so sad that all plasma manufacturers have now stopped making them. they are the best for movies. 

Side rant over, who would be interested in such a beast monitor?


Sounds totally bonkers and way out of my price league. I'll take a look at one when they turn up in PCWorld.

Wow that is kind of impressive to have a no fluff, actual monitor not tv for that price so soon.

yeah. i am eager to see if they come out with smaller sizes with similar aggressive pricing. again, i currently have no interest in 4K beyond films, so i won't even consider getting one till 4K bluray comes out till late next year, which means i probably won't adopt it till late 2016 at the earliest. by that time, i hope i can get a 4k screen that does perfect 24p for under $500.