40"+ 4k ips freesync monitors?

Looking for a large screen for the livingroom, what are the options?

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What’s your budget? a TV might be the best option depending on how much you want to spend.

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is there such a thing as a freesync tv? Will it be burdened down with a bunch od extraneous crap like Smart functions, a curved screen and horrific input lag?

There will be in a few months, if there isn’t one on the market already. what’s your timetable for purchase?

You didn’t really give us any requirements other than the size, and that it’s going in your living room.

Do you need it for gaming? what are you pairing it with?

We can’t adequately suggest products without more information.

Look at the title :smile:

  • 4K
  • IPS
  • FreeSync


But… I couldn’t find any, no. The only IPS in that size I can find is an LG without FreeSync.

40’’ 4K FreeSync the Wasabi Mango thing comes to mind, but that is PVA I think.

Hard, fast requirements. We don’t even know why he wants IPS and freesync, or what is use-case is for them.

with something that big it’s going to be slim pickings, so we need to know his must haves are vs. his preferences.


Photo and video editing as well as media consumption all in one big monitor.

Hmm… The only 4K, IPS, FreeSync monitor I could find is only 32": Acer BX320HKymjdpphz (No, I didn’t just smash my keyboard, that’s the real name :joy:)


The monitor you want is the Wasabi Mango UHD430. I believe that it is actually the only monitor that meets your stated requirements. Unfortunately it has atrocious input lag, uses a panel with BGR subpixel layout, has PWM dimming (I think), and some other issues.

You can get it pretty cheap on ebay right now though.

I have scoured the 40"+ market and IMHO there are no truly good options at this time. The closest you can come would be the new Acer 38" xr382cqk, which is technically not 4k or above 40" but it’s close and is a good option if you like 21:9 aspect ratio. Dell P4317Q is okay but BGR panel is a no - go for me.

The acer is also $1200, so realistically you aren’t going to buy it :slight_smile:

May I ask why? Does it even make a difference? The signal output is the same, no?

Don’t really understand a lot about monitors so…

Also didn’t wendell say in the review for the mango that the Input Lag was OK-ish? I guess that’s pretty subjective too though.

Font smoothing (“clear type”) uses the subpixel layout of a monitor to work. If the subpixel layout is opposite the way that font smoothing is implemented on an OS, then it actually has the opposite effect and makes it blurrier. Apparantly windows can accommodate either layout with clear type, but some software (such as adobe acrobat) overrides this setting and assumes an RGB layout.

Remember that this effect is OS wide - including the web browser.

MacOS does not have the ability to accommodate a BGR layout. Linux probably does but it will undoubtedly vary between distros, and I would assume you’d have the same issues with some apps not responding to this.

Some have taken to physically turning their monitors upside down to resolve the problem. It works but… Well then you have a new set of problems lol.

I triple-boot macOS, windows, and Linux, so this matters to me.


Frys had a deal on a 55" LG OLED for $1200. If you want a movie room that can game… That’s what I’d do. If I’m not mistaken there is a 40-42" Korean monitor 4k monitor with freesync. It’s been reviewed here.

Yup, see here:

Also I believe this LG 43UD79-B has freesync
http://www.anandtech.com/show/11310/lg-43ud79-b-launched. It is currently the best thing over 40" you can buy in Czechia.

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Oh right I saw that, totally forgot about that…