4 way sli?

This is going to sound very noob but anyway, how do you configure 4 way sli ? 

I have 4 GTX 760 cards installed with a 4 way sli bridge. 

The motherboard can handle it, it is a Gigabyte Z87X - OC Force. 


I have managed to configure 2 sli but am stumped how to get 3 way or preferably 4 way to work. I have seen bench marks set with each so it is possible but how I am not sure. 


First question... why are you going 4 way sli

weird, are they all the same exact cards? if not you might have to adjust their clocks so they are all the same.

Why not ? Would be my first response. 

But to be honest, it is just to try it out with the GTX 760's. I had 2 of them and managed to get 2 more very cheap. Once I am done playing with 4 way 7760's I will be changing to 2 way 780 ti in a few months 


If you got them very cheap then thats fair enough, but normally going more than 2 way sli doesn't gain much more performance per card extra that you add. But seeing as you got them cheap, why not ahah

They are all GTX 760's. All hacve 2gb memory. All are reference design but not all from the same manufacturer. 

Do you think clock speeds are causing the problem ?

How should I set 4 way sli up just to make sure I have done it properly and it is not me at fault?

I thought it would be fun and not worried about how much performance I gain as long as it is some. Plus I am shit at saving, so these seemed a great idea to throw my money at knowing I could get it back in 2 or 3 months to put towards the 780 ti's. 

use MSI afterburner. i think there is an option to synchronize all similar gpus, so just down clock all the cards to which ever one is the lowest clock or  overclock till they are all the same doesnt matter but i think they all have to have the same clockspeeds. kinda sucks with sli/crossfire, you only have 2gb's of usable video memory even though you technically have a total of 8gb

I will give it a shot cheers. 

MSI afterburner only sees 2 of the 4 cards so that is a no go 

No, you can't do quad GTX 760 SLI the only 4x way 760 SLI cards are the dual 760 cards like the ASUS ROG MARS 760 Dual GPU (haveing x2 in sli = 4way sli)

Midrange has never had the quad-SLI capability

Not even a GTX 780 can do quad SLI. The only cards that support quad sli this gen are the 780 ti and Titan. Please note that in processors like [email protected], bitcoin mining and rendering 3D scenes, They can make use of all 4 cards without sli. games can not. The best you can do is 2 way with one of the 760's as a physx card. 4 cards not sli'd and dont even have to be of the same model can push screens individualy and I believe can run games individualy aswell but wont work together. 

Also it is possible to run some nvidia and AMD cards side by side and still have outputs. Drivers are finiky though.

techpowerup says you can quad sli the 760 mini..


Except if you go to MSI's site and actually read the specification for the card, it specifies 3-way.  Techpowerup messed up. http://us.msi.com/product/vga/N760-2GD5-OC-ITX.html#specification

3 way better than nothing. sad to see nvidia gimping their own hardware to make an extra buck