4 Pin Question [Please Help]

Okay I just updated ny PSU to a corsair CX600, and my motherboard has a slot for a 4 pin connetor, no not a molex a 4 pin, it looks identical to a 6 pin but with only 4 pins, please help where can I get some kind of molex-4pin adapter?

you have it



1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)

1 x 4+4 Pin ATX 12V

1 x EPS 12V

2 x PCI-E

6 x SATA

4 x Peripheral

1 x Floppy

there is a 4+4 pin on the PSU, use the one that fits

I don't have it dude, it say the 6 pin is this




The 4 pin I need is this




not the molex


Don't ALL motherboards have a 4 or 8 pin? its for cpu power..

Plug the one that has 8 pins into it. half of the pins will fit into your 4 pin.

you have one that splits up

its like it has a 2x2 and another 2x2 on the same end


Plug in the 8 pin that doesn't say pci-e you silly.

This is the 4 pin I need it looks like this 


no, that is not what you need, you need to look through what you have and post pictures if you cant find it

you don't put molex on a motherboard


all pictures popup, 2nd row 3rd column, see that 8 pin conector, it breaks into 2 4 pin conectors


Plug half of that one into your motherboard.

lol, it's there dude, typical user.

Sorry excuse me I didn't know it splits