4 monitor setup for work - as cheap as possible

For work purposes I want to have 4 monitors connected to my work computer. I need help with this.

This will not be for gaming. A bit of Photoshop and illustrator, but mostly just a lot of tabs in the web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird.

I tried Googling and found a few answers, but none of them were clear enough for me to trust their validity.


I've got a Gainward GeForce GT 740 2GB. This has a MINI-HDMI, DVI-D and VGA output.

My motherboard has a DVI and VGA output.

I currently have 1 2560x1440p monitor, but I'm looking to add 3 1080p monitors to my setup.

The 1080p monitors I'm looking to add has VGA and DVI inputs. The 1440p has HDMI, VGA and DP.


Would it be possible to use 2 outputs on my GPU and to on my MB and have the displays extended in full resolution?


If not, what would be the most optimal and cheapest way to do this? I've only got one PCIe x16 lane on my MoBo, as this is a small form factor build. LGA1155 as I'm running a 3770k, and that's the only MOBO in that form factor which is readily available for sale in Norway. Chassis: In Win BK644 Micro Tower Sort


Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated.


I believe you can run monitors off of a GPU and the integrated graphics at the same time, although you might have to turn on integrated graphics in the BIOS.


Wouldnt one 21:9 monitor and two 16:9 monitors make more sense? Can you look at four at once?

2 16:9 is just ugly, your corsshair in gaming righti n middle between to monitors. I run my setup on AMD gpu. It's easy to setup using Eyeinfinity. I run 3 1080p in portrait mode to span 3 monitors which is 3240x1920 which is near 4k res. Only thing is don't change the refresh rates otherwise sometimes it like bugs out the system since it could crash your triple monitor setup. (75hertz horizontal & 60 hertz vertical on most LCDs)