4 days left on the Krita Kickstarter

Not long now on the Krita kickstarter.

In case you don't know what Krita is its a paint package. Similar to Painter, so very brush focused. Where as Photoshop was more about photo work originally.

It was KDE only and even then quite niche. It's now opened up and there is Windows port.

Take a look, and see if its your thing.



They look to be branching out into animation and also Photoshop compatibility. So bare in mind its potential.

oh wow I didn't even know about this until now...I really like this, but the kickstarter is going to end before I get my paycheck in....so I can't donate :(

Fair enough. I was foolish to leave mentioning this.

They have enough for stage one, so good times.

yeah I downloaded the version they have on the kickstarter page and love it!

Krita is a great program. Well worth supporting. I prefer it to most programs for digital art including gimp and photoshop and I am glad to see it is getting funding and not stagnating as a project.

this looks awesome