4 core vs.6 core AMD

I am struggling to see a big difference between the FX 4300 and the 6300. I read that the 4300 has a better per core preformence but is that what I should be looking at for a game like Starcraft 2? Also would it better to go with FX series or possibly a Phenom 2 1055t or something.

If I were you, I would just buy a phenom 2 x4 and use the money saved to buy a nice mobo. that way you can upgrade to an 8350 later, and OC it.

The number of cores a CPU has does not effect performance much in most games. You won't see a massive difference between a phenom 2 x4 or an fx 6300 unless the game is optimized to use 6 cores, which most games are not.

The 4300 and the 6300 have the exact same per-core performance. The only difference is that the 6300 has 2 extra cores, and costs 10$ more. Go with Anarmypig's suggestion, and get a Phenom II x4, and get yourself a nice 990FX board (like a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3), and then later on down the line you can sell your Phenom II, and buy yourself an FX-8350 and OC the jesus out of it. 

i see you have answered his question but can i just ask you is the Gigabyte GA-990FX AM3+ motherboard compatable with the Phenom || x4 ?Logan in his 700 build vide he sugested that and you suggested that too so im kinda in a headake here?

The phenom II X4 X6 cpus are all compatible with all AM3+ motherboards

Oh yeah youre right,i just read an artikle stating that the AM3+ is bacwards compatable with the AM3 CPUs but the FX bulldozer series is only for AM3+!