4.9 GHz intel i5-3570k overclock

ASUS motherboards > ANYTHING 

:D happy camper 


You tested this overclock with Prime 95 for 24 hours right? Because if you didn't, then it doesn't mean it's stable even if ASUS's overclocking tool did the overclocking for you. I got my 2600K up to 5.2Ghz with ASUS's overclocking tool once, but it was massively unstable and ran extremely hot.

oh sweet jesus. should i go for a more conservative overclock then? maybe @ 4.2-4.4?

Lol, just try running Prime 95 with it and monitor your temperatures with Core Temp or Hardware Monitor. Your overclock isn't going to be 100 percent stable unless you test it to make sure. You're probably going to have to do some manual tweaking in the bios too.

Asus is the shit, you see why I recommend it in all my builds now


What voltage are you running at? Be careful not to cause a whole lot of corrosion in your CPU.

Still, it's great that you were stable enough to boot. You might want to try Prime, as the other member suggested, for the sake of testing how stable the thing is at those settings.

brought it down to 4.2 GHz, max temp with h100 was 67 on two out of the four cores, 58 and 64 on the other two. 

ran p95 for a while. will try to find the max i can do comfortably with this heatsink when i get my gfx card in the mail. 

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I have mine Overclocked Stable at 4.4  with a h100 on a Asrock extreme board but i had to get the voltage just rigt on it for it to sit right

I have mine at 4.3 currently, but i've had it stable at 4.6, barely. I keep it at 4.3 because I don't have to fuck with the voltage until around 4.5. I figured that the small boost in performance wouldn't be worth the corrosion.

I have an ASRock Extreme 4 Z77 btw.

Is this even serious. That's insane, I wish I could afford something like that. I'm stuck with a awful i5...

Mine is stable for 48 hours under prime 95 under a h80 push/pull at 4.7ghz at 1.37 volts :)

How many RAM sticks do you have? and what's your CPU? :P



Ryan, you'll want to keep pushing and testing this thing until you get things just right. In total I usually spend 3-6 days overclocking a chip. The most recent chip I worked with was an i7 3770K and I got it up to 4.7GHz on 1.275V and it hovered around 85C on prime95 load. I usually go through a fairly rigorous test before I consider it stable, generally if it can run 24 hours prime95 test 3, 2 hour p95 test 2 and 2 hour p95 test 1, I'll deem it stable, methodology hasn't failed me yet.

The chip will tell you when it won't go further, the wnd/3rd gen i5/i7 seem to have a hard stop, they just won't hit a certain number, on that chip I couldn't get 4.8 to stabalize with even 1.4125V having it hit 102C burn in P95, still wasn't stable. Brought it down a mere 100MHz and was able to run it fairly low power with no thermal issues.