4.8gHz on my 8350!

just bought and installed an amd 8350 got it to 4.8 ghz with minimal effort. havent tryed for 5.0 ghz yet,  but i am stoked my 1600 ram works at speed and i am able to oc to a decent level.

got to 5.0 ghz


Awesome! Trust me, the jump from 4.8 to 5.0, on any modern CPU, is rough, but with enough voltage, anything is possible.

ty ty going from a half way dead 1100t to this is a huge difference.  im just glad my pc is no longer crippled by my mistakes with a few bent pins and self fixes.

Dude you got a really good 8350. My 8350 needs 1.512v to get to 5Ghz stable and yours only needed 1.464!!! Thats pretty damn good.

side note i have not stressed it at 5 ghz with prime 95 or other stress testing software. it plays movies and games just fine though. i am afraide to stress it to much and over heat it.

crosshair v mobo is the bees knees makes ocing look like childs play.  even with bent pins and fixed my slef i was able to get my 1100t to 3.7 stable

Screw this, I'm going to hit 5.0gHz on my 3770k tonight.

I'll be back.

good luck intel is tough to hit the 5.0 ghz mark with.

I hit 5Ghz on my old 3770k but voltage was at 1.52v With a custom loop my max temps during stress testing were like 88c. 

Farthest I got was 5.0gHz 1.555V, got to the Windows log-in screen, and BSODed when I tried to enter my password.


Any idea what was defected on the chip?