4.16 Kernel vs Nvidia proprietary drivers are the other distros affected?

Eh. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this situation is what eventually happens. This situation has really only happened 2 times (3 if you count the issues with the gtx970) in the last 3-4 years.

99 times out of 100, you can just update your kernel all day long and use a script to install the nvidia drivers without any issue what so ever.

Guys, you are not reflecting to my responses. I love you guys but everything that could be said about the topic of “what Tumbleweed promises” was said at least thrice, sometimes by the same guy(girl attack helicopter,etc ). Could we please try to move on back to the OP that:

“It would take take borderline no additional effort to deliver far more and I think it is criminal that they don’t when there are so many affected users.”

I think that besides that it is extremely abrasive to the brand and to the moneyshot -slash selling point - of “verified with openQA” , there are only two things of matter of importance:

  1. It is easy to test
  2. It has a fantastically huge pay off.

Everything else about “Tumbleweed” is not meant to do that … doesn’t matter the slightest. If that were a factor tumbleweed would be just Rawhide in green but without all the benefits of the huge installbase.

So my question is: if it can be done, and it is worth to be done, why isn’t it being done?


Umm… how is it nvidia’s fault that your distro failed to include something needed for even an open source driver addition?
Who said that I blame Nvidia? I was specifically throwing shade at oS there . I am not even … whatever mate.

idk about the historical data, but we had missing source files in the last snapshots so yeah. sure it could be just unfortunate dice rolls but :)) you know what? I am going to make this into my project. Gona feed the factory mailing list to an ML classifier and see if there something stands out .

Also do you have that script shared somewhere? Perhaps it could be generalised and shared to help other people. Thanks!

According to this blog post all you need to do is do a zypper dup.