3x3 or greater HDMi or DP KVM with USB 3

Anyone know of a good 3x3 HDMi or DP KVM with USB 3?

I have a 4 PC 4 monitor dp1.4 KVm for $1200

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I’m interested. any more details?

Just to clarify your not looking for a 3x3 matrix, your looking for a multi screen setup where 1 computer is connected to 3+ screens and you can switch between 3+ computers?

yes that is correct

It’s the same firmware as the KVMs at store.level1techs.com just in a 4x4 configuration. They are rock dumb stupid so most things work fine.

No repeater in the KVm so worst case scenario you need fiber optic cables otherwise it’s fine


What’s the USB configuration like? Also does it have the ability to be switched from any external device/buttons?

Also what is it like size wise?

It’s this but twice as tall since it supports twice the number of inputs. Same width. Button control on the front and USB hotkey iff your keyboard is fully hid complaint

I assume if using a keyboard with a USB 3 hub I’d have to choose between hotkeys and USB 3 speeds

Depends on the keyboard. Maybe? Qmk in not nkey rollover works fine

So I could plug a system 76 launch keyboard into it and use hot keys and the USB hub at USB 3 speeds?

that one is 10gbps this hub/kvm is 5gbps

But I can get 5gbps speed and hotkeys at the same time?

Not our of the box. It can’t work with nkey rollover and for the launch keyboard specifically you’d have to make a couple tweaks for it to be picked up as normal hid anyway.

It can work with other keyboards that have separate connections for the keyboard part and the hub part

Sorry for all the questions I just want to get everything straight before I deice to drop 1200$ on something-- are you saying there’s no way to make the launch keyboard work with nkey roller over or you’d need tweaks to make it work with nkey rollover

Most KVM’s emulate a keyboard and have a specific port for the keyboard so they can capture hot keys.

Its a real challenge.

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you can use the buttons on the front to switch or a macroboard like the falcon 8 RGB which is a normal plain vanilla hid keyboard. Then you use that for remote input switching if you want to mount the kvm out of the way.

you might be able to get it working with the launch too, but I’m not going to promise that…

@wendell sorry for the late response. If it’s still available i’d like to purchase it