3tb HDD game storage

hello all, im looking for a good 3tb Harddisk to store games on.

i have Western Digital Black 1tb harddisk but ive noticed is alittle to small for all my gaming needs. anyone have suggestions of a good 3tb harddisk? thanks in advance:)

WD Red 3 tb would be good

i see, ive looked it up and on the website i always buy my hardware they were talking alot about NAS.. is that something that would effect my game stored on it? sorry im clueless when it comes to harddisks

Get the Seagate Barracuda 3TB. It's 7200 rpm with 64 MB of cache, so it's quite fast for an HDD.

besides being very fast. is it reliable? i had one before from seagate and it broke after  a few months (had games installed on it)

It's decently reliable. Of course it's not a professional grade drive, but it's just as good as any similarly (slightly higher) priced WD drive.

Then again, if you want the ultimate in reliability, you should always go with RAID 1.

fair enough. thank you all for your help

Sure thing, any time!