3rd party software and PC bans

So apparently ROG have the Sonic Radar 2 software which maps out 3D in-game sound.

I havent seen to much about it but i was wondering if using this would lead to VAC bans in CSGO. Some people say it will and some people say it wont... one guy got banned for using it... apparently.

so i was wondering that the final verdict is? should i be ok? or not. i mean i dont want to try myself as i dont want to get VACed obviously hahaha

I dont realy think so.
People who are claiming for being banned for that, are most likely banned for other reasons.
Users cannot be getting bannend for something that legitimatly gets implanted on a motherboard.
Atleast i dont see any vallid reasons why they would do that.

VAC bans are generally related to programs that manipulate in memory data. I highly doubt this will result in a ban, but if youre unsure, check with steam/valve/game publisher