3rd party iPad cover (Air 2)

Does anyone know of quality 3rd-party covers for iPads? I had an Apple smart cover for an older iPad Air 2 that broke after a few years so I bought a cheap variant on eBay/Amazon that broke in months. Are there any good alternatives to Apple that don’t cost an arm and a leg or is Apple the way to go?

What are you looking for in a case?

At work out we have cases from a brand called Newtrent (New Trent?) and they seem to be holding up well with our sales people. I think they’re like $25?


I’m mostly looking for something that works as a stand and covers the screen, so similar to apples smart cover. Probably wasn’t looking for something this rugged but the price is convincing so will look into it. Thanks!

Ahh, the ones we have don’t cover the screen with anything rigid like the Apple smart cover, the screen is covered with a plastic layer so the user can still use the touchscreen.

It looks like the brand has something more in line with the Apple smart cover with a rigid screen cover, seems to be about $25ish as well,

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