3g modem

im trying to crack my 3g modem but it has an encryption which is not wep or wpa/2! it has some encryption called umts, how can this encryption called UMTS be cracked with either an alfa router or kali linux or anything else for that matter assuming that it can?????? is umts harder if not impossible to crack unlike wep or wpa2-psk encryption?????? what about a 4g modem assuming it also has umts encryption, can that too be cracked or not?????? is umts impossible to crack or not????? ive already cracked most wep and wpa2-psk encryption but have yet to crack this new type of encryption!!!!!!!!!!! can a kali linux or alfa router expert please tell me if im gonna be able to crack this since so far ive had no success? rsvp. thank you.

Well first of all UMTS is based around GSM. With that being said, GSM has been cracked. See this


Secondly it's predominantly used for cellular communications (3g/4g/Edge the list goes on).

Why do you need to crack it?

Idk really. My best guess.