3ds yay or nay?

i'm thinking about buying my little brother a handheld console for xmas, and i was thinking a 3ds. All his friends have one, and he's really into pokemon at the moment. so i was wondering is it really worth it. i was also thinking about the ps vita. 

yeah i think you should go with the 3ds. guessing that you don't want your brother playing COD or something like that and that he is of young age, the 3ds has a lot more games that appeal to younger siblings such as Starfox and Pokemon. I recommened stuff like mario cart and pokemon for ages 7-9 and if he is his preteens get him a copy of legnd of zelda Oot

can't go wrong with it, Oot would be good for him later on as well.

throw in a copy of pokemon black or white and you won't hear from him for a long time

also pic very related:



thanks for your advice, i will definatly get him a 3ds with pokemon.


3DS XL is the way to go.  The original 3DS gave me major headaches, but the bigger screen on the XL is perfect :)  less strenuous on the eyes

its also compatible with the ds library, which is huge:


Hell I'm almost 23 and I love my 3DS. More enjoyable titles, and the eShop has a lot of cheap classic and 3DS only games. If his friends all have one, then thats more of a reason to get him one since a lot of the games have online versus and some have co-op too.

I've never been a huge fan of 3d, but the 3ds makes it work like 70% of the time but ds>vita considering you can play all the new castlevania games

this by a million times