3DS Emulator to Play Nintendo 3DS games in PC

Recently, I was browsing internet and I came across 3ds emulator. I enjoy playing nintendo 3ds games but I dont have one so, I thought to use 3ds emulator to play Nintendo games in pc. Downloaded the 3ds emulator from the official website here : http://3dsemulatordownload.net/, it was working fine but the problem is now I dont have windows os, I got mac.

Where do I get a 3ds emulator for Mac

You should never in any forum on the internet come out and bluntly state that you don't own a piece of equipment but would like to know how to pirate it. Its against basically every forums rules and guidelines.

of course anyone who says they are not a pirate is full of crap, but on that note there isn't really much available for OS X at this time for such emulation and probably wont be for some time down the road.

Before even going to the site - it's fake.

Looking at the website; It has really terrible English (signs of it being fake).

There's no way that it'd only be 6.5MB big.

There's only a picture or 2 of it (can be easily photoshopped), and you can easily make small application in .NET which will look exactly like its playing a 3DS game (e.g. implementing Windows Media Player with no buttons into it, which is like 3 lines of code).