3D Printing!

Hey guys and gals!

Post your questions or comments here and let the fun begin!


I do need to get my Printrbot Plus back up and running

@kiaxa I have one on the way. Do you like yours?

Umm, We already have a catagory dedicated to 3D printing and other maker topics...

That’s cool. This one is in conjunction with a 3D Printing channel, and approved by Wendell.

Yes its pretty cool, really sturdy but mines only the old V2.0 which is laser cut wood, you are getting the V3.0 which is all metal. I am so jealous you have no idea. I don't really have $600 to get the V2 to V3 upgrade kit, makes me sad but whatever still works really well

Awesome. My Solidoodle 4 has been nothing but problems...

kind of fragmented then? have a 3D printing and maker forum in one category and another 3D printing forum on its own. Forums categories need a rethink anyway.

Maybe a maker specific category with dedicated forums for 3D printing and such?
Also been subscribed you the hot end since your first video a week ago

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Yeah, things are fluid right now anyways. I'm sure we will see how this works and then decide what to do.

The more I think about it the more I want a 3D printer. I should really stop thinking about it... lol

it took a bit of doing to get a maker forum up and running a month ago lol but at least this part of the community is developing.

Well I have nothing but good things to say about Mr. Drumm and his company. The last upgrade (aluminum y axis bearing blocks) I bought didn't originally fit on my printer (holes were spaced different than the old wood and bearing sandwich blocks) so I contacted them about it and they sent me an entirely new chassis for the blocks (all 5 wood pieces that make up the chassis) free of charge. So if you run into any problems I'm sure they can help. :)

Yeah Brook is pretty bad ass IMO as well.

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@TimmyTechTV Did you get the new Metal Plus? I remember your struggles with the Solidoodle 4.

I've got what was once a Printrbot Simple 2014. Now it's something completely different(and way more expensive than it should be). I just gotta work out the Z artifacts(huge pain in the butt) and then I'll be happy.

lol I havent worked out the z artifacting in my da vinci yet. Still nothing I do changes it

Does your printer have an anti backlash nut?

Im not sure but I can say from watching and playing with it, tolerance is good. Everything is set up to the point where there is no movement when exterior pressure is applied.

Kind of lost as to what it is. Belts are tight, bed is solid, temperatures are good, slicing settings are optimal in simplify3D. Everything has been adjusted and just tunes in yet there is still about a mil of variance in the x and y movements that lead to poor looking sides.

Someone in a printing group told me he used belt tensioners which screwed his acuracy in terms of dimensions but on the x aces, perfect so I might give that a go. getting ready to build a delta style printer with a kraken e3d quad head hotend.

The I saw this printer and the acuracy blew my mind. The sides of abs prints so smooth you would think they had to use an acetone rub to get it that good.
Closed software and doesnt use gcode though. Almost worth it with the quality of print though.

yay, another place to chat about printers,

I run a Makerfarm 12" Pusa i3 variant printer with a RAMBo board, at this point pretty highly modified, with bed auto leveling, E3DV6 hotend, custom designed cooling to exhaust the hotend up behind the extruder gears so it doesnt run across the part.

Soon(next week) i will will be beta testing a design for dual E3DV6 extruders

Gotta love E3D. Great stuff.