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I also use Fusion 360 for engineering stuff- adding threads on holes works awesome.

Blender is fantastic, I’ve done most of my modelling in that.

Sculptris is also pretty cool- you basically shape a lump of clay by pushing, pulling & poking it :slight_smile:


I will try Onshape.
I heard 123D was good but Autodesk links to TinkerCAD for free now.

I am using PTC Creo - super duty engineering CAD to make toys and art projects.
It’s like Solidworks or Inventor. I have tried other modelers but I’m comfortable with this.
Not the ideal tool for the job, but I bought a $200 student version when training to use it.

At Black & Decker my Industrial Designer co-workers were really good at making artsy shapes with Creo.
I’m trained to do the engineering stuff, but I’m practicing the artsy stuff more. I feel like I’m carving with a chisel and a sledgehammer.


I’ve used Fusion 360 since late 2014 early 2015 I freaking love it. I haven’t used it much over the past two years because of my Mechanical Engineering Course which uses Inventor Professional.

Everything @k3g said tbh. I’ve also used tinkercad a bit. not my cup of tea. As for opensource I really haven’t used anny FOSS CADD software. Tbh the only reason I’m still on windows is because of Adobe and Autodesk.


I really liked using Fusion for the 1st time tonight.
Even though I’m new to it, I got up to speed quickly and had fun.
Fusion seems like it has all I need, it’s just that the UI is in different locations than Creo.


Lamp Shade: Web Shadows

This Lamp Shade is designed to fit on top of a standard can light and cast interesting shadows. The design was started in October but I didn’t like the 1st two shades I drew up. I plan to get it 3D printed to fit the can light in this room.


edit: ordered from 3Dhubs $15.


Cutting it close, about 300mm of filament left when this print finished.


Getting 3D prints if you don’t have a 3D printer.

3D Hubs is cool, it connects you to a local person with a 3D printer that will do jobs for others.
Any of you guys with printers can join the 3D Hubs network and sell print orders.

I have used an OSU engineering guy with a Kossel and a pro shop gave me a tour to see the Formlabs 1+ SLA printer. Usually local guys let me pick up the print as soon as it’s done, with no shipping.

Shapeways is full service professional 3D printing in New York.
Excellent service in a WIDE variety of materials for a fair price.
For most of my work, 3D Hubs is faster and cheaper.
For some projects I need the extra quality of Shapeways.


3D hubs has been really shitty towards smaller makers recently. I would personally avoid them now.


IDK… Is there more support material than model?
He printed it right side up because the circle on the bottom is a critical fit.
The printer wanted the starting circle on the base for accuracy.


Story of 100 micron prints lol

I also need to get a new and bigger printer someday. This reprap is probably going to fall apart anytime now. Guess that’s to be expected with my lazy handywork and tiny budget lol.




I don’t know why legal bullcrap would stop anyone from hacking their stuff. Its certainly newer stopped me.


Trying out the ‘fuzzy skin’ setting in Cura. It’s kind of cool, gives the print a real rough, sandpaper like texture.

The model is a very rough WIP of a tarantula for a guy I work with. The supports were a bitch to remove & it would need a lot of cleanup, so I need to remodel it with better angles to print without support.


I love how the WEBshadows lampshade experiment turned out.

The shadows it casts are nice (I thought it might be too disco) and the shade itself looks nice in my room.


Just as a heads up if anyones buying Inland filament on Amazon right now. Theres only one seller selling it (DANITI TECH INC). Stay away from them. They sent me some chinese off brand called YOYI instead and then tried to claim its the same stuff.

On a positive note, they refunded the 3 rolls I ordered without asking that I ship them back. I’m afraid to print with it though for fear of partial clogs. I can hear my extruder stepper skipping in my head now. Going to be using some of it to print a NES case for a raspi.


Has anybody tried printing PLA on a sheet of printer paper. It works remarkably well.




not expecting this to go well