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As much as all the reee really does annoy me around 3D printers in my area, I’ll admit that having one would be amazingly useful. Any general recommendations for a printer to start fiddling with? Software in linux or places to look up such things?


all my recommendations in the OP still stand

Prusa has a linux version of their flavor of Slic3r so I’m wagering that normal Slic3r will work, also Cura


Good to keep a note on then. I’m finding that having hard drive mounts in my mac pro would be a lot handier than using duct tape and I think people would agree on average :stuck_out_tongue: could probably make some money on the side selling 2 rails for 30 bucks a pop. Plus a bunch of little shit, noting your printed piece to your mic stand above.

Neat, thanks for the thread.


I still need to finish assembling my printer midterms tho… My filament should be here by the end of this week… so that’ll be awesome. I need to get a big box to cover my printer for abs printing.


I made a big box for my printer for that reason, but have barely even printed ABS. It’s just not worth the stink.


i have a lamp with the same mount

might look absolutely ridiculous mounting a lamp onto my monitor stand like that though lol.


@kewldude007 I’m currently in the process of assembling my anet a8 and i’m running into something peculiar. I’m hesitant to call it a problem because I’m confused. When I attach the guide rod back up plate to the guide rods, not all of them move along the with the direction of the screw threads?


What is that? Pics?


Sorry I used the wrong word linear bearing it’s 3am


Not super sure, linear bearings and threads? What

What matters is that at least one row of bearings is directly on top


ok thanks when I attach the belt they don’t move anyways :slight_smile:


I used threaded rods instead of smooth runs. *takes gun*


3D model: Greek flame mini vase
123 mm - 4.8 in tall. 41% Scale.

Done in an automotive flame styling, it ended up looking Greek to me.
I reduced the original to less than 125 mm and revised to keep 3 mm min wall thickness for my printer.

Full size vase.
300 mm - 12 in tall.


Nice! Will you be printing it?


Thank you.
I don’t have a 3D printer. I may get Shapeways to make a mini vase (I realized it’s too big for most printers) in ceramic or plastic depending on price. $53 for 125 mm ceramic.

I posted it here so all L1T members will be free to print my vase design as a holiday gift.


Anyone have opinions on software for modeling?

Looking for ease of use and cheap. Possible? I have tried sketchup and thought it was ok. Dunno what’s out there and current.


Depends what kind of modeling you want. If it’s engineering-focused, ie parts for printing, check out Fusion 360. It’s free for Hobbyists, and seriously powerful. Tons of great tutorials out there, too.

If you’re more interested in mesh-modeling, ie things like characters, and organic structures, look into something like Blender. The learning curve is steep, but the feature set is very powerful.


Onshape is my go to but I dont make artsy things like positrons vase, I make tools and fixtures

onshape is CAD


OnShape is a really good learning platform.

It also enables some really bad habits when it comes to good-practice CAD.


I used solidworks in HS but no access to it now