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Nice! The only thing I’ve actually designed and printed myself has been an offset extension for my flight setup too, for the Mongoose T-50:


I used 3DS Max to create it and set the dimensions to imperial but when I put it in the Prusa slicer it had to be scaled 2500% to actually be printed in the 1:1 dimensions that I set in 3DS Max. Kinda odd, but in the end it worked so im happy with the results.


so after using it last night I want it to be wider for more rigidity, and also some bolt holes

I will try it at home first with pla but if it isn’t strong enough im throwing carbon fiber at it



We’re about to buy a few at work, they’re really nice machines.



The technology is great but the machine isn’t perfect, no heated bed is ridiculous.

But it makes some sexy prints


wider flight stick mount and put some bolt holes in my desk and the CAD model



I decided that my master bedroom was a waste of space, as I’m only in there a few hours each night to sleep. So I moved my bed to a smaller room & gave my printers some space & their own computer :slight_smile:

There is enough room for 1, or maybe 2 more printers. Something with multi color next I think, maybe a MK3…

Still working on the other side of the room, I need to find some more scrap wood to make up another bench. I want a nice tall one so I can work while standing.



Ok i have a sheet of glass maybe 2mm thick. Could I attach that to my heated bed instead of using tape all the time?


technically yes


Yes and if you sand it down well with 220 grit, you may not require anything but the glass plate.


Keep in mind that if it is just plain glass, it may not be perfectly flat. So make sure to run a good calibration print after leveling to check for any high/low spots.

Somethings that covers the whole bed like this.




Make some L1T / Burning Earth balls.



Wait, WHAT?


Hmm, makes sense, kind of like sub surface laser etching I guess, but you focus on a complete shape rather than a specific point.

I wonder how complex a shape it is capable of- like would a cube within a cube be possible? or would the hardening outer cube block the inner cube from completing.

It would be awesome to work on stuff like this. If only I could go back a few years & head down a different career path!



Doing random stuff like that really makes me want a 3d printer


99% of my prints


My son loves 3d printers.


fuck off aremis