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Tested guys are AvE fans. Nice.


Should I consider this?



Says it can print abs but no mention of a heated bed, it’s almost impossible to print abs without a heated bed, warps like crazy.


Im intrigued, been meaning to build a printer for quite a while but time hasn’t allowed


It’s either between that one or a kit, I really want to do the printtable.


Dream Big


I have access to a 3d printer and free unlimited filament. What 3d printer should I build guys? The printtable, a prusa i3, or a Delta printer.



PSU adapter for @mutation666


nes for @gigabusterEXE






Research were investigating the old trick of cutting up an aluminum can to reflect WiFi signals.

Then they came up with an algorithm to design a 3D printed shape that you cover with tin foil. It is customized for your house and increases the signal to certain rooms and blocks stray signals from leaving your house where you can be hacked.


I made a ummm…uh…a back scratcher, yeah <_<



Nice, did you draw it up yourself?


My dad did, he is the one that wanted it

Look up Microtech Jagdkommando


I guess the next step is to make a mold and cast it :D.


I bought an Anet A8 and it should be here tonight. My thanksgiving break starts this Friday so I’m going to assemble it either Saturday or Sunday.