3D Printed Robots, Bionic Birds, & Smart Mirrors | Viva Technology 2016 | Tek Syndicate

Logan takes a look at a 3D printed robot. 3D printing one of these robots would allow for some very interesting custom designs. Also a remote control bird, smart mirrors, farm fresh food to your door, and a mixed drink maker are the interesting things we get to take a gander at in this video. What did you think was the most interesting product? Let us know.

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Really surprised we haven't seen more smart mirrors.

I love that mirror. I like to catch up with the news, check out the weather and so on when I'm getting ready in the morning. It'd be nice to do that on RT while I'm at my mirror, rather than on the news station on the radio.

I also think this would be pretty cool for video chat, particularly while getting ready to go out. So you can check in with the people you're looking to meet up with, make sure you're outfits don't clash and that nobody is going to be over, or under dressed for the occasion. Generally motivate one another without it interfering with your own evening-wear prep.

The bird is pretty cool too. I thought that "flapping" motions just weren't practical for man-made construction, but it seems not.

Go to the 52 second mark & that is what I'd be doing with the mirror.

I KID! I KID! I just wanted an excuse to share this song/video again.

In regards to the flying bird cool I guess and the mixing drinks thing definitely cool.

Please tell me that was a sarcasm.

I could tell you that, Grim . Would it make you feel better?

You know how, among all the other things you need to do between work and an evening out with friends you have to make that last minuet call to get ETAs on all the parties involved, tweak the ride share and all that? Inevitably someone is always running late. (admittedly, that someone is usually me) If the tweaking throws too much out you end up making yourself late trying to rearrange everything... Well, you could do it from the mirror, hands free, get everyone in a hangout all in one go. Actually, you could just use a tablet but that's going to sit on the dresser and get covered in: my hair gunk, or her makeup, or whatever. It's a mirror! It's already there, so it's adding no space, mess or fuss to the existing setup.

Actually, thinking of her makup, you know all those virtual makeover apps on iOS? Tell me there's not a market for such a mirror? "Mirror mirror on the dresser, how can I become the fairest of them all?" It's every little girls grown-up fantasy, right?