3D printable non-conductive "cap" for motherboard standoffs

I just watched @wendell’s latest GKH build and he mentioned using 2 standoffs as mechanical support. I wonder if making a 3D printed non-conductive cap would be a better solution for mechanical support that could also support a rubber foot in these special SSi-EEB configurations. I’m just a little worried about bare metal touching the standoff, and see a rubber foot being better for mechanical support.

aren’t motherboard standoffs supposed to be conductive? like, the holes are earthed/grounded/common/whatever?

But the ones for SSI-EEB support in cases that don’t support it don’t need to be.

Like, a nut adapter that holds a nut, then has a spot for a rubber stick-on bumper on the other end would likely work.

Depends on the specific PCB, sometimes those “ground” circles are not actually connected. However the connector to PSU is used as ground. I think there are something like 7 or 8 that are used as ground.

I will also point out 3D printing is necessary because you have to adapt to different depths for required mechanical support because each large sized case that doesn’t have SSi-EEB support is different.

Can’t you just get those tiny sticky rubber feet from dollarstore? Stack them a few times and cut one to make make it appropriate height.

I’ve seen Dell mobos use similar rubber things that are glued to the back for additional support.

Or, there are things called standoffs, and washers, and drill bits…

Stacking them reduces structural rigidity. We’re talking about a class of customer like GKH.

Aren’t you suggesting not affixing your printed part to the board?

Not everyone will want to destroy the case, in case it needs to be resold.

Ah well in that can maybe he can drill and tap a hole in the appropriate spot.

I’m trying to avoid destroying the case.

You only destroy it if you fail… like horribly.

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I doubt it will hurt the resell value of the case if done properly.

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Then the question is… Why doesn’t @wendell do this?

he has

Don’t ask me which specific build, because I don’t remember. Flipping a standoff and not attaching it is a “good enough” option some times, especially if it was for a build that wouldn’t stay together long.

Yeah, the GKH system is a 10 year class system, it’s why I questioned the standoff method.

He knows what he’s doing, doesn’t mean it’s the best or only option.