3d Build Help - Australia

Hi all,

I am a 3d artist based in Melbourne AU (generally shop at PC Case Gear), currently looking at upgrading my pc. budget ~3k AU

My most used software is 3ds max rendering in vray, Zbrush, maya, UE. etc. Will be looking into develping for VR with this build in the near future.

This is what i have come up with...

2016 3d Build

Will this build for one work? I built my last system myself but that was a long time ago, and am rather rusty on current builds and if everything will be compatible with one and other. Will it fit in the case!?! enough power? Any help would be greatly appreciated


DONT buy a founders edition card - youre paying a premium for a slower hotter and louder card.

If your programs support it I would swap out that 1070 for a pair of RX480's

If youre not desperate for a build before the end of the year I'd hold out to see what Zen (AMD) has to offer in terms of CPU performance per dollar.

^^^Take this with a grain of salt though - I've never worked with 3D stuff

$730 for a 1070?! Are they out of their fucking minds? Buy 3 RX 480s You'll get a shitload more power for the same or less.

This is assuming that the software wasn't coded by an idiot and is optimized for both AMD and Nvidia cards equally and can scale across multiple cards. This should work a lot better than in games if you're doing ray tracing and such as it doesn't need to be synchronized between GPUs in ms timescales.

See if you can find a benchmark or information on what your programs do processing wise. This should give you an idea on what will work best.

As for the parts you have working, they look okay. You should be fine.

EDIT: apparently it was $730 AU. 2 RX 480s then.

3DS Max (as most Autodesk software) only needs graphics acceleration.
ZBrush is CPU bound. Thanks to @flazza for the info.
Maya, not sure but I think that was OpenCL.
UE. Like Unreal Engine? Does not matter.

That makes this difficult. My guess is that AMD will come out on top of Nvidia in VR but only time will tell.

So far:
Xeon E5-1650 V3 & MSi 980ti
This build has less raw power but CUDA might give it an edge in ZBrush.
Xeon E5-1650 V3 & 2x XFX RX 480 8GB
More raw power, very helpful in Autodesk software. Also Maya can take advantage of the dual GPUs.

The 480s are $400-$450, because 'straya.

Zbrush is all cpu, doesnt use either cuda or opencl


beefy cpu + loads of ram is all you need

I work with CAD in simulation environments, not in creational environments.
Changed my original post. Thanks.