3990x w/256GB kit choice


Please pardon the potentially erroneous placement/tagging of this. It’s more of a r/tifu PSA.

Anyway, after @wendell posted the recent video, I ended up ordering ordering the kit. Or so I thought.

It was late, and I didn’t hear/consciously register the infernal last letter of the kit in the video. (Point of Feedback: @wendell it’d be super swell if you could add full model # and/or link to purchase of hw being reviewed/discussed in video description. Just saying.)…anyway, the kit that came up was the R variant. (f4-3600c18q2-256gtzr)

It only occurred to me there might be an issue, when I got the g.skill generic black box instead of the supreme boxing shown off in the video. I thought perhaps it was just a delta between reviewer-provided and unwashed masses purchase. So.I.broke.the.seal.

Anyway, the person I spoke to @g.skill effectively said, “It might, should, work.”

The point is to pay attention and refrain from sleep-deprived hw purchasing. As-is, Newegg, being the brutal :poop: they are regarding returns, it’d end up being a ~$160 + shipping costs to give it back.

Now…what are the odds it’d actually work?

Likely it’ll be fine. It there is some CPU and Mobo variability in play here too

FYI, I’ve purchased this:
F4-3200C16Q2-256GVK (came in a “generic black box”, as do all the “Ripjaws V” I think)

Prime95 Large FFTs is only stable at stock.
D.O.C.P. profile fails almost immediately (Linux) or crashes (Windows)

I plan on fiddling some more with speeds and timings once I have my custom loop hooked up, because with the Noctua NH-U12S) that I purchased specifically for the waiting period to when my watercooling gear arrives), it runs toasty (90+C) at stock even.

I am currently running my 256GB at 2800Mhz CL16 (corsair vengeance rgb pro 3200Mhz) with 3990X.

I think very few people will be able to run 256GB at 3200Mhz or higher.

How are you guys verifying stability with 256gb of ram and 3990x? I’m using hci memtest and I get errors at any speed I set my kit to, including 2666mhz.

It’s unlikely to be the kit at that speed, so im thinking I need to upgrade my mobo from the cheaper aorus master trx40 to the asus zenith extreme alpha. If you have that board, I just want to make sure you guys are actually confirmed stable with no errors in hci memtest before I buy it…

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