3990x 2x titan RTX 128gb ram Open chrome plated copper loop

Figured I would share my completed build in a place people would appreciate it. In the pictures was the original PETG loop, but didn’t think it was doing the hardware justice.

Processor: 3990x
Motherboard: Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme
Graphics: 2x Titan RTX with heatkiller block and backplate
Memory: 128gb Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3000mhz (clocked to 3600mhz CL18)
Storage: 1tb samsung nvme, 2tb intel nvme, 2x 1tb tforce 2.5 ssd
Cooling loop: 2x 480ml radiators, 2x d5 pumps, bitspower fittings with chrome plated copper tubing, monsoon dbay reservoir, 2x heatkiller reservoirs

I have gone from x399 1950x on Zenith extreme, to the 2990wx, and now to this. Gotta say I love AMD and their hardware.


Whew! What a beast.
I think I can start calling mine a budget build now lol.

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Lol if that keeps you out of trouble with other people, use mine as an example. A 2950x and 2080ti is still up there though… :stuck_out_tongue:
Mine kept on escalating. I still have to build the old 2990wx and motherboard into the 2nd tower 900 i have. This line of work and “Hobby” can add up really quick.

It’s so sparkly!

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I should update my profile specs, it’s a 3970X and two 2080 Tis now. So it’s the budget version of yours lol.

LMFAO, ok yeah, in that case the 2950x and 1x 2080ti was a budget build. We are both about to be sad in about 30 days when nvidia drops the next line. I am hoping the rumors of up to 75% faster are not true

Yeah. I had these cards for a while, so I don’t feel too bad vs. if I had purchased them for the new build. Still going to suck though lol.

Yeah I have had my titans for a bit myself and also got a killer deal on them. Just hope either they aren’t as upgraded as they say , or the price is high enough to avoid the temptation to upgrade.

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