3970x 256GB ECC

I have been trying to find any 256GB (8 x 32GB) ECC kit for 3970x for 2 hours with zero luck. Confusion just keep mounting up.

I’m considering MSI Creator TRX40 or Zenith Extreme II. Their websites have been unhelpful. Any motherboard, 256GB ECC combo recommendation ? Direct link to the product would be most appreciated. I have been trying to find one in vain.

Thank you in advance !

What market are you in? Are you trying to find some on the QVL or just 32gb sticks in general.

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Ideally QVL, but as long as it is ECC and will work with 3970x Im willing to give it a go

Are you targeting a certain speed? I have yet to have any ECC issues with my 1950x or 3900x/2700x both have had ecc in them at various points of time.

Also what market?

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Market wise I’m in UK, but USA also works

Memory.net is decent they have pretty much all mainstrem 2666 sets in stock no 2933 and the one 2933 i rolled the dice on amazon (no name brand) while were ECC and would OC to 2933 did not load at 2933 by default and are pretty sketch but were cheaper.

I have also used Provantage.com as well before for ECC

Thank you, that was very helpful. I found 1x32GB UDIMM with ECC Kit.


I’ve got one more stupid question. There is no 8x32GB kit. If I were to buy 8 of those, that should work fine ? Or would I be doing something stupid ?


They should, when you are buying kits thats just the vendor saying they will OC to this speed, but since 2666 isnt an overclock should be zero issue

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If you go with memory.net might be worth contacting them via email if they can give you a bit of a discount for getting 8 and shipping overseas.

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Good stuff. Yeah ECC memory is not generally associated with overclocking. Like @mutation666 shared, since these are relatively low clocks, I wouldn’t expect to see any issues with combining different kits at 2666.

For manufacturers, it wouldnt make a whole lot of sense to bundle 8x32 GB into a package for consumers (i.e. not enterprise). Those items would sit on the shelves longer–much lower demand.

By the way 256GB, you’re building one hell of a beast! I’m going with 128GB, I’m used to maxing out memory, but I’m reaching on point where I literally have no way to utilize extra capacity.

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