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[3950x on Aorus Master] Need memory options for 4x16GB (64GB). Also concerned about Daisy Chain vs T-Topology. Would a T-Topology Mobo be better for me? Usage is VFX

Hey guys, I’m new here. I need to somehow make 4x16gb Memory work on an Aorus Master - or pick another board that can handle 64GB memory with a 3950x. There in lies my problem. I’ve been researching compatible Memory for the Aorus Master on their QVL/Google/Reddit and am having a really hard time finding anyone with success using 64gb. None of the Gskill Neo sticks seem to support 64gb configs in this boards QVL.

Reading threads on this forum, I’m also gleaming that the Taichi is unique board in the sense that it uses this T-Topology ya’ll mention, which is better for 4 Dimms as opposed to most others having Daisy Chain. What are my options for other boards?

Some Preface:
I work as a VFX artist, this is my first build. My primary usage out of the machine is Adobe After Effects, which prioritizes single core performance in app, however, its possible to utilize all cores while rendering using third party plug-ins. My workflow deals with stacks of high res alpha video layers and simulated effects from plugins all needing to be simultaneously processed per frame. That eats up enormous Drive Cache and Ram. As much as you can feed it. That being said, having ample Memory is important. So is stability, so wont be overclocking anything. I’m open to getting ECC, that would probably be best practice, but I was curious to get consumer grade 3600 gaming memory at 64gb

Like I said, I’m open to even switching boards if need be. Although I do like the Aorus Masters features if I can get it to work with 64gb. Would T-Topology greatly benefit me?.

I was initially torn between these three boards.

The Prestige Creation and Aorus Master for their 3+ NVME options or the Asrock Master for its TB3 and 10GBe. The Aorus Master seemed to be a good compromise in price and features for my workflow. 3x High I/O drives would be a dream. So the 3x NVME Aorus Master should have been fine. But like I mentioned, I need to satisfy After Effects hunger for memory as well. Hence concern over 64GB compatibility and Daisychain vs T-Topology.

For example: Running Multiple instances of ‘Background Renderer’ will absolutely make use of each ounce of memory, as it will be divided up with each available core, each Background Renderer instance tackles its part of the shared renders. In other words, more cores/threads, need more memory.

How do I do this with a x570/3950x ? I thought the boards supported up to 128gb? Should I be looking at other boards like the Taichi?

Keep in mind you can use a pcie to m.2 adapter card if a board doesnt have the slots on board that you need. Also keep in mind that you could lose pcie slots for m.2 slots like on my Asrock Taichi where you lose the pcie5 slot if you use the 3rd m.2

While QVL matters in terms of the working at the rated speed, I have never seen an issue with the memory not working period. So you could always some ram and exchange if it isnt working to the speed you like. Also check out the manual as you usually lose rated speed on ram the more slots populated and dual rank vs single rank dimms.


The only case where you don’t lose speed or stability is using Micron E-die at this density. I highly recommend 3600mhz E-die for 64GB.

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I think that is a bit of an overstatement, but Micron-E die and Samsung B-die are the top performers for sure but nothing is 100% when you have so much variability in the equation. As long as your over 3200 it probably wont be a huge difference, but should always shoot for 3600, but again populating more slots will effect performance. People get entirely hung up on small gains that only make a difference in some workloads.

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Sorry to sound stupid… but how do you tell if the ram module you’re looking into is Hynix CJR, B-Die, E-Die?

Like whichi one is this…I’m looking at the CL16 Trident Z Neo F4-3600C16Q-64GTZNC on Gskills website.

Its a 64GB kit and in Gskills QVL it lists the Aorus Master. However, the Aorus Master does not have this ram in its QVL.

I’ve been told it should work. I’ve also been told that I should go to Hynix CJR as it gets along better with Zen than anything. Also that a lot of people prefer Micron E because of better timings and scales with voltage. However, Hynix CJR should be easier for me to work with for me. Atleast thats what I was told.

Its honestly hard to tell as they never list the ram module and they can change it without notice as long as they can still hit the rated speed of the ram.

I honestly wouldnt worry to much, that kit should be pretty safe to hit what you are looking to, since its on the memory manufactures QVL you can always deal with them if you have an issue since they are saying it should be good. Asking a mobo manufacture to test every kit of ram is kind of crazy so they wont get every new kit tested.

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Gotcha, I figured there might have been a Spreadsheet or something like the SSD, or MOBO data sheets flying around.

But its all Groovy man, sounds like the sticks I linked are Ok so I’m gonna pull the trigger then.

Ya, the QVL validation on the Mem manufacturer really gives me peace of mind about it. I suppose QVL’s exist for people like me who know squat about comparability :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help.

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It’s more about IMC strain. E-die is special in that at 4 sticks and high densities, it puts less strain on the IMC so higher clocks can be achieved with full stability rather than partial stability.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about T-top vs Daisy chain,
simply because ¨i think that" non of the retail x570 boards are T-top.
And that kinda makes sense when it comes to a dual channel memory configuration.

The Asrock X570 Taichi ES sample was T-top.
But the retail x570 Taichi i believe is Daisy Chain.
Same thing they did with the X570 Creator.


Right on, comforting to know that I can’t make the wrong choice then.

I ended up ordering the sticks yesterday - commited to 4x64 Kit ofCL16 Trident Z Neo F4-3600C16Q-64GTZNC , even though they werent on the Mobo’s QVL, which gave me concern, and had me cancel my first order, I realized later that the manufacturer listed the Mobo on the QVL for those sticks on ram and I reordered.

Whats your thought on ECC on x570? Obviously I’m now committed to gaming memory for now. But I’m considering getting a set of ECC 2600 memory down the line just to test and see how my vfx compositing apps perform.

Hey just in case you didn’t realize, you know you can get 128GB on the consumer boards with X570. I honestly wouldn’t have any concern about the memory not working. And you probably don’t need ECC.,65536002,131072004

You can also probably get away with doubling up faster memory speed bundles to get the memory speed you want, as long as they are the same model. For example, the 128GB kits have lower rated speed because the distributor has to pick the safest speed. Maybe purchaseing two 2x32GB kits will get you what you need.

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I know that x570 boards support it, but haven’t seen any one try out or recommend any brands. On newegg its slim pickins, only a few Corsair and Gskill options, with no reviews. It felt risky getting those. 64gb seems like a good amount if I want to use all cores during multiple background render instances, so I can dedicate 1.75GB per thread.

Interesting hit though on how to acquire 128gb, maybe thats why I didn’t see much stock.

Well, I should be able to sell off the 64gb I have now to someone else down the road then pick up the 128gb. May even determine if its necessary or an actual bottleneck in any way.

Its shipped, so I can’t cancel it, and its from NewEgg… and they are abysmal with returns now, restocking fees, non-free return shipping.

Yea, Newegg has gotten worse. But give them a call, they will probably let you return it, especially if you let them know you’re picking up a 128GB kit. But you’re right, test it out first, may not even be memory constrained. 64GB is a lot of RAM.

Be careful in getting two 2x* kits of RAM, I did that with some Corsair LPX 2666C16 RAM on my x99 system. It was dual sourced, so I got two Micron (not e-die) and two Hynix, strains the heck out of any IMC even though both have identical timings and XMP profiles.

fair point. I’ve heard theres no way to know what kind of chips are in your memory before purchasing.

Certain SKUs (with an AES in the SKU) from Crucial have Micron E die though, that’s an exception.