3900X Ryzen Master Overclocking Software broken?

So I got Ryzen 3900X 12-core CPU with Asus x570 Pro Motherboard. Both GPU and CPU is under custom water-cooling. Idle power draw at the wall is about 95W (-10W water pump) which is too high in my opinion though that’s another issue.

I don’t need crazy overclock, water cooling is more for noise reduction. 4.6GHz boost or close to it would be acceptable for me. Seemed like Precision Boost Overdrive was what would work for me. It doesn’t. In Ryzen Master there are 4 options - Default, Precision Boost Overdrive, Auto Overclocking, Manual. The first 3 options all result in single core boost of around 4.2GHz and all core is about 4GHz.

With Manual overclocking I am able to get stable (15min stress test at least) 4.4GHz All core at 1.3V. It did crash 2 times as soon as I ran Windows update during the stress test, doing anything else was fine so maybe just a windows bug? 4 thread stress test is stable even at all core setting of 4.6GHz. I din’t push it too far beyond this. This shows that the CPU is capable so why doesn’t PBO and Auto overclock work at all?

Another issue I found with Manual overclocking is that if I try to set the frequency of a single core (best core) it drops all cores to 4GHz or even below depending on the single core setting. I don’t really need all core overclock as the performance is sufficient but single core boost is useful for games.

Interesting observation: Going from the default 1.41**V to 1.3V at 4.4GHz seems to have dropped the temp from about 89C to 76C Under load. Idle power remains at about 95W.

I used Furmark CPU burner to stress test, not sure if that’s a good tool to use for this.

You’re seeing the same as everyone else really. These chips rarely hit 4.6. mine seems to prefer 1.34 vcore. I have a similar setup to yours.

That’s unfortunate. It does hit 4.6 and beyond, it’s just that you have to do it manually and I don’t see a way to OC single cores so it’s not practical. The chip itself seems quite capable. I mean 4.4 (4.45 also worked) all core at 1.3V (even 1.275V seemed stable) seems pretty good to me.

Mean while I can’t go past 4.1/4.2 all core at 1.35v. I know i have a dud from the bottom of the barrel of the silicon lottery.

Congrats on your oc though. You won the lottery.

I should probably stress test it a bit more though. What bench did you use and how long do you run it before considering OC as stable? Would be good to compare on equal ground. Also don’t forget I am water cooling so that might make a fail difference too.

I do a custom benchmarking/stability test. I can run prime 95 @ 4.3ghz but handbrake has never been stable for me at that speed. I do 1080p bluray transcoding. It always either crashes handbrake or my entire system.

I wouldnt be so sure about your dud just yet.

try this

I havent had a chance to try myself

I’ve been running 1.4v on my ram.

Theres a tool out there, forget what its called, but it lets you do per CCX overclocking. That would probably be the best bet to squeeze the last drops out of it.

I had manually set my cpu voltage to 1.3 the offset seems to be keeping it cooler and running just as quickly. I am seeing voltages as low as 1.2 with the offset.

Yeah I heard about it but I am only looking for an easy overclock so not worth the effort for sure.

Been using handbrake pre-OC. Testing now it seems like it isn’t maxing the CPU out. I am pretty sure it was about 100% before but now even wiht same source I get only about 88% load. Not sure what is happening and its normal. Some presets its only 70% others only 30% load.

Testing with same handbrake settings as pre-OC it also crashed for me. Upping the voltage to 1.35V did not crash though I still see massive cpu load dips to as lows as 9%. This probably hurts performance a lot so silicon quality might be same as yours.

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What I have found is that the presets matter about crashing. But a out the 100% usage. I have found that 100% vs 50% depends on the video being transcode. One series may be utilizing 50 to 70% where as a different series but with the same presets used 90 to 100%

Try disabling 1 thread when at the PC with lower voltage. I have had no crashing with one thread disabled with afinity.

I downloaded it and just used the auto game mode settings and now no restart. My motherboard is showing cpu trouble light. Wont go into bios. My first build so I’m lost. If one of you guys can tell me where to go from here I’d sure appreciate it.