3900x Looking Glass build

So myself like many others are looking to upgrade.
I’m a daily Linux mint user. Since I’m doing more dev work these days
(JS mostly) I’ve found Linux to be much nicer than windows.

I also do industrial design so I still find myself having to boot into windows for CAD programs such as Solid works as well as to play the occasional game.

I’m currently on 1080p but I do plan to upgrade to 2k or 4k sometime soon.

I also game: modded minecraft, 2d pixel games, GTAV occasionally.
Nothing competitive.

Ideally I’d like to never have to leave Linux and be able to visualize windows using looking glass. At least that’s the dream!

I have composed a part picker list. I already the GTX980ti and the two SSDs.


CPU: 3900x
Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 AORUS Master ?
2nd GPU: ?
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 2 x16GB CL16 3200MHz

My main questions are:

  • Is the 3900x supported on looking glass?

  • What motherboards suited for two graphics card plus two m.2s ? I’d prefer to spend a little less than $600 AUD on a motherboard but will if needed. Under $500 would be nice. For reference the 3900x costs $730-$800AUD

  • What ram is best for this use case?
    I’d like 2x16GB of some description
    From what I have noticed 3200MHz cl14 to 3600MHz cl16.
    Micron E-die? Samsung B-die? Not sure which ram that is
    G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 2 x16GB CL16 3200MHz I can get this kit here for $248 AUD which is nice. 3600Mhz ram is in short supply here in Aus

  • What is a recommend second GPU (Mid range)?
    Current GTX980ti I’m mainly thinking for support not sure which GPU I’d virtualize

  • what size case do I need? Is Mid tower big enough or is a full tower needed?