390 middle fan not working

The middle fan on my Asus R9 390 will after about an hour stop working and start making a chirping sound. It literally sounds like a cricket.

I'll check and see if I can RMA, but if not what can be done?

Should I remove the Shroud and try to clean it?

What about a mineral oil bath?

Thank you.

Well that's interesting friend of mine just got it back from RMA for the exact fan failure. I don't know anything about fan repair. But i can tell you if you gonna replace them it will be expencive. 20$ for one or a pack for 40-60$. He even started to look at arctic cooling to buy a whole new custom cooler.
If you don't want to throw money and don't care for looks you can zip tie a 80-120mm fan and plug it into mobo or molex.

lol maybe a bit too overkill

replacement fans can be found on ebay for like $10 on most models. by far the cheapest and most effective fix.

Are you sure it's not the 0db feature? I know the Sapphire Vapor-X had this feature where 2 fans out of the 3 will stop spinning under certain temp.

I think on the strix either all fans or none of them will shut off.

A glance around eBay has a replacement set of 3 fans at ~$60, so that is probably the cheapest option if you can't get it RMA'd. You could do a kraken g10 setup, but that would be much more expensive and the VRM would probably run hot on a card that powerful.

Or (lol)

I am not talking out of my ass you know. You are thinking of universal fans for old gpus maybe (hd6000 hd 7000). THIS is an ASUS STRIX low profile high performance.

This one is not even supported for the r9 390 and it's allready 25$ come on beat me find a better one. And forget aliexpress.

dang at least fight fair lol

You're right that the 7k series typically run cheaper, but they usually aren't that bad on the newer models. might be inflated right now because that's the first thing to go on mining cards, and mining is a thing again (rip reasonable market prices)

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