39 inch S-MVA panels - production run?

It's been bothering me that the seiki 39 inch TV exists and that the panel is available from alibaba, but no manufacturer has decided to turn it into a monitor with DisplayPort, probably due to the size.

After doing some calculations, i've found the pixel density to be comparable and a bit higher than your consumer-grade TN panels and the quality of the panel to be of decent quality. S-MVA does not have most of the issues TN has and fixes some of the issues IPS has ( like IPS glow and slow response ).

It doesnt stop there. If we can get a production run as these things are ridiculously cheap on alibaba - they're like 250 to 350 bucks a pop, so we can probably get them at under $500 for the finished product, displayport and all.

And it still doesnt stop - the size of the panel makes it so that OS-level DPI scaling is not needed, a thorn in the side of 4K.


My question is - are there any others that think that this is a plausible idea, and if so, how? I imagine we can make a petition to someone like monoprice to do the production run, what do you guys think?