3800x stuck at 3.9Ghz on Linux mint

The title says it all. my 3800x will not boost past 3.9Ghz even when using the performance governor. When I used windows it would boost as expected to 4.5 or 4.4 ghz but now on linux it doesn’t.

I am using the x370 crosshair vi hero ac wifi motherboard with the 7501 bios (most recent) with a custom liquid cooling loop.

I am running linux mint 19.2 with the most up to date kernel using ukuu.

Any help will be greatly apreciated and If you need any extra info please let me know.

turbo is disabled probably? you use gnome? if you install cpufreq it’ll tell you what you are missing.
you can use a utility to set the ‘ondemand’ governor which may help it boost. I use powercfg but it may be different on mint.

If you use gnome though the cpufreq extension is the easiest way to go.

Thanks for the reply Wendell. As you can tell I am a noob when it comes to linux. Switched over only about a month ago.

I am on the cinnamon desktop which I don’t think is gnome. I looked up cpufreq in the software manager and got a applet that only gives me the same options I already have. Ondemand only boosts to 3.9 as well.